Emma Roberts is pregnant: the announcement on Instagram and the photos with the baby bump

Emma Roberts is pregnant: the announcement on Instagram and the photos with the baby bump

Emma Roberts is pregnant: the actress and niece of Julia Roberts on Instagram has revealed the photo of the baby bump

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Emma Roberts is pregnant. The actress and niece of Julia Roberts announced the happy news on Instagram, posting photos with the baby bump. The 29-year-old confirmed the gossip that had been circulating for weeks on social media, also fueled by a phrase that had escaped Kelly Cunnigham, the mother of the actress, during an interview.

Emma's partner and future dad is Garrett Hedlund, a 35-year-old artist who has starred in successful films such as Troy, Unbroken and On the road. The two have been friends for a long time in the past, but the love story officially began only a year ago. “Me… and my two favorite boys,” Roberts wrote, posting a few shots of hugging Garrett Hedlund and unveiling her baby bump. Among the many comments also that of Julia Roberts who is very close to her niece. "I love you," he wrote.

The Pretty Woman diva and her niece have always had a wonderful relationship. The actress would have been one of the first people to discover Emma Roberts' pregnancy. “It is a great luck to have her as an aunt: she has always been doing this job, I can talk to her, and then she is really a speck – she revealed to Io Donna a while ago -. He's down to earth and has always taught me that family is the most important thing. Seeing her with her husband and children, with such a beautiful family, makes you want to imitate her. Sure it's great to work and have a career, but it's also important to have your friends as well as your family. Aunt Julia has always seen her like this even when I was little and I used to visit her on the set, always surrounded by fantastic friends – who she made laugh with. "

Emma has a long relationship with Evan Peters behind her. The story, which began in 2012, led them to share the American Horror Story set. In 2014, the actor asked Roberts for her hand during a romantic vacation. The actress replied "yes", but shortly after the crisis came. In 2015, the couple confessed to experiencing a difficult time. "No drama", explained the actress, who after a long push and pull had chosen to say goodbye to her partner.

Kirsten Dunst's ex boyfriend and successful actor, Garrett Hedlund started dating Emma Roberts in 2019. A source told Us Weekly: “Garrett and Emma have been friends, but this is new, informal (…) They're not talking. engagement or wedding at the moment. They like going out and dating, and their relationship is more fun than serious. "

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