Emma Stone, the best memory of the Oscars? "Leonardo Dicaprio"

Emma Stone, the best memory of the Oscars? "Leonardo Dicaprio"

The actress recalled the evening that he had seen her triumph with "La la land", but the best thing for her was the meeting with DiCaprio

Emma Stone is Cruella De Mon, the first images from the movie trailer

Imagine being a teenager and having a poster of your favorite actor in your room, the one you idolize and watch enchantedly dreaming of one day meeting him. Then I take off. You are on the stage of the most important ceremony in the world and he is the one to deliver you the most coveted prize: your idol.

Now, if you grew up between the nineties and the 2000s, it is likely that that actor is Leonardo DiCaprio. And this is what happened to Emma Stone, who in 2017 triumphed at the Oscars as a leading actress for La la land.

For the actress, that evening will remain one of the best moments of her life, for the victory – of course – but above all because in that moment her dream as a girl became reality. Interviewed on Sirius XM's The Jess Cagle Show Emma made a confession that makes you smile: when asked what is her most beautiful and vivid memory of the moment she won the statuette today, the future Cruella DeMon replied without thinking twice. : "Leonardo Dicaprio".

To deliver the Oscar, in fact, the actor was chosen who the year before had won for his masterful interpretation in The Revenant and that Emma Stone had always loved since she was a young girl, bewitched – like many others – by Jack Dowson by Titanic.

"At that moment I could only think of him, I saw Titanic seven and a half times in the cinema – confessed the star – He was the love of my life. In the bedroom I had an autographed photo of him that I received for my twelfth birthday ”. So, when it was time for her to go up on stage and move towards him, instead of thinking about the crowning of a career, the award that all actresses crave, Emma Stone could not help but repeat: “This is the most surreal moment of the my life. I could not believe".

Being a fan, therefore, never stops, not even when you get to be a Hollywood star on a par with your favorite.

"He'll probably think I'm a bit strange, because every time I see him I always have that 'Hey, how are you?' Air. I know it's unfair to identify an actor in just one past performance, but Leo is stuck in my head like Jack Dawson “. And it always will be, it seems.

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