Emma: the sweetest photo with mom, dad and brother

Emma: the sweetest photo with mom, dad and brother

The singer has posted a wonderful family shot on Instagram

Emma Marrone has never hidden the deep bond with her family. The Salento singer, who turned 36 a little less than a month ago, once again paid tribute to the love she feels for her parents and her brother Francesco with a sweet shot that portrays all four of them together.

The photo, published on Instagram and commented by several VIPs including the new 30-year-old Elena D’Amario, was accompanied by a caption that describes it perfectly. "We all smile in the same way": these are the words chosen by Emma Marrone to describe a shot that, in fact, sees her, her parents Rosario and Maria and her brother Checco immortalized in a moment of serenity.

Emma, ​​who is preparing for a busy working season that will see her occupy one of the X Factor judges' chairs, in the photo she wears a floral dress and her hair is half-tailed. The Aradeo singer holds a hand on the shoulder of her brother Francesco, born in 1987.

The two Marrone brothers are very close. In September 2017, on the occasion of Checco's birthday, Emma dedicated a beautiful thought to him on Instagram, underlining that, even if she is growing, she will always be the "little Checco with blond curls" for her. As mentioned above, the parents are also present in the photo.

The voice of hits like Io Sono Bella owes his passion for music to his father Rosario. In fact, the man played the guitar in two bands, Karadreon and H2O. Thanks to the journey with these musical groups, Rosario began to bring Emma to the concert stages, noting, from the earliest childhood of her eldest daughter, an objective predisposition on her part.

He has seen us long, no doubt about it! Since then many years have passed and, today as today, Emma is one of the queens of Italian music, an artist with six studio albums and one live and a woman who has always been able to get up with joy and resilience every time that life has put an obstacle before her.

Emma Marrone and her family

Emma Marrone with parents and brother – Source: Instagram @realbrown

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