Emma Thompson: life and career of the British actress

Emma Thompson: life and career of the British actress

Emma Thompson is a famous British actress and screenwriter. He has starred and written highly successful films receiving five Oscar nominations

Emma Thompson's fate seemed marked already from birth, since she sees the light in London on April 15, 1959, in a family that has always worked in the world of cinema. His mother is in fact the Scottish actress Phyllida Law, the father is Eric Thompson the famous actor of the series The Magic Roundabhout. So from childhood Emma and her sister Sophie (also an actress) have grown up in contact with the television and cinema environment.
After attending a women's boarding school, young Emma enrolled in Newham College, Cambridge.

Just in those years he joined the Cambridge Footlights theater group, which had already seen other great talents born like Eric Idle, one of the main representatives of Monty Python. Just by joining this group he met two other important characters Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie.
So, together with these two characters in the early eighties he began acting in a series of comic skits. Meanwhile Thompson also finds time to study, graduating in 1981 with a thesis on George Eliot. After writing a successful television series for the BBC, she found herself in 1988 playing a dramatic role in "Fortunes of War", a series during which she met her future husband Kenneth Branagh.

Since the nineties, the actress's career seems to be leaping. In fact, Thompson is chosen for the starring role in many important films. The awards also come with the roles: for "In the Name of the Father" she receives a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination for best actress; with "What remains of the day", a film based on the novel of the same name by Ishiguro, receives another Oscar nomination for best actress. In 1995 with "Reason and feeling" Emma Thompson won another Oscar as a screenwriter. Meanwhile, if her marriage fails, the actress's career continues to be brilliant and full of successes.

From 1995 until today he has participated in various independent American films and has written successful screenplays. We saw it in Harry Potter and in particular in "The prisoner of Azkaban". In 2005 she signed the contract for the script of the children's fable "Nanny McPhee", a film in which Thompson is also a leading actress. In short, the life and career of this beautiful and amusing actress seems to be a crescendo of successes and satisfactions destined to continue for many years to come.

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