Emoticon tattoos, the new trend

Emoticon tattoos, the new trend

A new trend is coming from the United States. This is the collection created by Flash Tattoos, which features temporary tattoos based on chat emoticons

Flash Tattoos is an innovative brand that deals with temporary tattoos, rapidly growing in recent years and appreciated by many celebrities, who on various occasions have shown their works. The brand's latest collection is about emoji tattoos, tattoos depicting the famous chat emoticons. Sixty-six tattoos inspired by emojis have been created, all suited to a different mood and characterized by those metallic colors that fans of Flash Tattoos accessories adore.

The brand has brought to the fore the trend regarding temporary tattoos two years ago, thanks to the styling of the greatest exponents of the Coachella Festival. Also during the 2015 music festival, Flash Tattoos continued to produce new collections, with the intention of marking its relevance at the public level and surpassing any competitors or imitators in the particular sector.

With emoji tattoos you can decorate your skin in an original and fun way. Kirsten Stoddard, head of public relations and marketing manager of Flash Tattoos, talked about the new collection explaining the real obsession we all have for social media and the habit of communicating via emoticons.

From here, the idea of ​​new temporary tattoos, which Kristen Stoddard described as a bizarre mix of fun, fashion and social media: that is three factors that most people aspire to daily. Flash Tattoos marketing manager also stated that the Austin (Texas) brand has not planned to further expand the new emoji collection, at least not soon. This is however not to be excluded. In the tattoo collection, for example, the emoji depicting the taco is missing.

While waiting for new information on a possible extension of the last collection, the company aims at collaborations with bloggers and other brands that are interested in the nice initiative. What are the costs of the emoji tattoos collection? Those interested in using these special tattoos, can buy them online for eight dollars and fifty (equivalent to less than seven euros) on the official Flash Tattoos website.

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