Emotions are contagious and a compliment is enough to make others happy

Emotions are contagious and a compliment is enough to make others happy

March 1st is World Compliment Day. A day that reminds us that it doesn't take much to make the people around us happy

There is a magical power that can make those we love smile. Its use does not require effort, nor a price to pay, what matters is that there are the most authentic and best intentions at the base: we are talking about compliments, an art that is in danger of being lost.

We do nothing but repeat the importance of kindness and empathy, two character peculiarities that make the people who possess them unique. But too often we forget about compliments: phrases or words aimed at making the people around us happy, making them feel appreciated and improving self-esteem.

A few simple words that can greatly brighten the days of the people we love. But be careful though, because the magical power of compliments only works if they are presented in a selfless and authentic way. In short, we should make the heart speak more often and, through a message or a phrase, remind the people we love what makes them special.

The truth is that we are so caught up in our daily problems, the hustle and bustle of the days, that we forget to praise the people around us. That's why there is one day a year that reminds us of the importance of compliments.

A day when doing something to make someone smile almost becomes a duty, even if it is something that should belong to us every day. In reality, it is more of a warning to all those who forget the importance of paying a compliment to another person.

Not everyone knows it but March 1 is World Compliment Day, a date to remember that teaches us the value of kindness, empathy and sweetness, through a simple gesture: a compliment. A sentence, a word said at the right time and an appreciation, do not really need to make those around us feel good.

This is why the idea of ​​World Compliment Day was born, to make available to everyone 24 hours to devote to making those around us feel good with phrases dedicated to their personality, their strengths, their beautiful attitudes. Because too often we forget that smiling is our best antidote to stress and depression.

World Compliment Day, so called in the UK, is also considered the most positive day of the year because it is made up of free and authentic gifts that come straight from our hearts. What if we transform every day into the most positive of the year? After all, just a compliment is enough.

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