Employee? Manager? The ideal diet for the job you do …

Employee? Manager? The ideal diet for the job you do ...

The ideal diet for employees, housewives, freelancers, traders and shop assistants: food recommendations for every type of work that takes place

Often one wonders what one should eat to get the job done. What is the ideal diet for the employee? Which one for housewives? Which one for those who are always in contact with the public? The common advice for everyone is that of the classic triad of healthy eating, physical activity and rest. Now let's see some advice on the diet depending on the work that is done, to exercise it better and to feel better, both externally and physiologically.

Serena Missori, an endocrinologist and nutritionist specializing in diabetes, for the employee's ideal diet, recommends many decontracting and digestive herbal teas such as those based on hawthorn or lemon balm. The employees in fact perform sedentary work and are constantly at risk of contracture, mostly in the shoulders and neck, and their sitting position does not allow excellent digestion. Always to avoid tiredness and heaviness, for the afternoon he says that the ideal lunch must be light: whole grains, lean proteins, small fruits and vegetables that are easy to digest. All seasoned with a little raw extra virgin olive oil and flax seeds, rich in good fatty acids including omega 3. This is the ideal diet for the employee.

Housewives, on the other hand, consume a lot of calories, therefore the first advice is absolutely not to neglect breakfast but to make it rich in fiber, carbohydrates with a not too high glycemic index, healthy proteins and fats. The classic example is that of a cup of vegetable milk (soy, rice, almonds) with flakes of wheat or oat bran, to be accompanied with good fresh seasonal fruit. Snacks during the day don't have to be heavy: fruit and nuts are perfect. Substantial lunches and dinners, preferring lean proteins and lots of vegetables.

For merchants and shop assistants, who must always stand upright, damaging their legs and back, a hearty breakfast, a lunch lasting at least twenty minutes, a protein-rich dinner and an anti-inflammatory smoothie a day (pineapple, mint and for example cucumber). Freelancers, however, constantly stressed, should prefer a hearty and savory breakfast, a light lunch and a dinner based on soups, legumes and the inevitable proteins taken from meat or fish, trying to regulate the schedules as much as possible.

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