Enough with complicated eye make-up: two touches of color are enough in the summer!

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Eye makeup for the summer must be simple, colorful, easy and quick to do: let’s discover the best ideas for all ages and occasions!

If in winter we spend a lot of time with pleasure to make eye make-up, perhaps experimenting with different techniques, with the summer heat all this desire suddenly disappears!

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For this reason it is time to try the simplest and brightest ideas to create a colorful, modern and very fast eye make-up.

The secret of summer 2022 will consist inintelligently combine pastel colors and black eyeliner, to use to draw a strictly winged line, able to make the gaze more intense, the expression more enigmatic and the shape of the eye more raised.

As sophisticated as it is, a simple black line of eyeliner isn’t exactly the ultimate in summer eye makeup. Much better to combine than notes of bright color both in version graphic and modern both in plus version nuanced and classic.

What if you don’t want to color the entire eyelid, especially because after a certain age it looks “too much”? Don’t worry, there are many solutions!

The simple eye makeup for summer according to Kiko (and many others)

The eye makeup for the summer according to Kiko Milano (and many other cosmetic brands) is very simple, essential and absolutely unobtrusive but has a lot, a lot of personality!

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To make this type of make up they are necessary very few cosmetics which, however, must be of excellent quality.

We obviously start with a waterproof black eyeliner, able to resist sweat and eyelid movements for many hours without too much trouble.

Eyeliner will always be used for tracing a “winged line” that must be impeccably made (here are all the tricks to draw a line like a true professional).

The line doesn’t have to be very thick. In reverse, a very thin line of eyeliner will favor the balance of the make-up, avoiding that too black “englobes” the colored make-up.

To draw a straight and clean line, improving the uniformity of the eyelid texture, the advice is use a small amount of primer, in order to smooth out the small wrinkles and ripples that necessarily arise when the skin becomes mature.

Even the base color for the eyelid it must be chosen in such a way as to make it more uniform. A great idea is to bet on nude colors in powder, that they are therefore as similar as possible to the natural color of the eyelid.

As for the ideal products to add touches of color our advice is to opt for super pigmented powder eyeshadows, choosing preferably matte colors to hide any small wrinkles of the eyelid or daring with metallic colors for a younger and more aggressive look.

A good alternative is the colored eyeliner and soft eye pencils, with which you can draw very precise lines but rich in color.

eye makeup colorful eyeliner


In the end, false eyelashes or heavy use of mascara they can really make the difference in making this make-up unforgettable: they open your gaze making your eyes appear larger and more expressive.

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