Enrica Tarolla, Massimo Boldi's special friend: "43 years of difference, but we understand each other"

Enrica Tarolla e Massimo Boldi

On Instagram, Massimo Boldi presents his special friend Enrica Tarolla: "43 years of difference, but we understand each other".

Enrica Tarolla is Massimo Boldi's special friend to whom the actor dedicated a long post on Instagram, talking about their relationship. Despite the 43 years of difference, in fact, the two have created a beautiful relationship made up of mutual advice and confidences. Eyes of ice and a job as a manager, Enrica appeared in a profile photo of the actor and comedian.

In the shot, the two smile together during a day at the beach. “Three years ago we were told in the newspapers that we were engaged with a 43-year difference – wrote Boldi -. You do not imagine how unpleasant this fact was, because for us the affection that binds us is timeless. But how can Massimo be friends with this girl? – he continues – She is a woman who struck me above all for her personality and her abilities. A rare woman to meet. And our friendship has no age. She always relies on my voice when she needs advice, I always rely on her straightforward opinions when I combine any of mine. I would like to see her always happy as she is today ”.

From 1973 to 2004, Massimo Boldi was married to Maria Teresa Selo, the great love of his life, with whom he had daughters Micaela, Manuela and Marta. After the death of his wife, Boldi lived a long love affair with Loredana De Nardis, 47, from whom he separated, with great pain, after 14 years of love. Later, the actor began a relationship with Irene Fornaciari, a 42-year-old entrepreneur, and with Anita Szacon, a 40-year-old of Polish origin who works in the beauty sector.

"The truth is that I am not resigned – the actor told Today a few weeks ago -. That I always throw my heart over the obstacle and that I always hope to have the right woman next to me to spend my life with. But then, inevitably, the fact that he is 75 years old and cannot offer a family, children, counters. The age? It's not my fault. I am surrounded by beautiful girls, full of verve and sympathy, who propose themselves. Who writes to me on Instagram, who proposes to dinner. My popularity, the character that I have played and I play in the films acts as a catalyst: you can see that mature women do not like me ”.

Enrica Tarolla and Massimo Boldi together

Enrica Tarolla and Massimo Boldi together

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