Enzo Iachetti, actor: biography and curiosities

Enzo Iachetti, actor: biography and curiosities

Enzo Iacchetti is an Italian actor and presenter made known to the public thanks to his conduct of Striscia la Notizia. Let's retrace his career together

Enzo Iacchetti is an Italian comedian and actor born in Castelleone on August 31, 1952. What made him known is the conduction together with his colleague Ezio Greggio in the news Striscia la notizia, which has been airing for years on Canale 5. Ha he made his debut in a small radio station in Laveno, where he dealt with entertainment, dealing with various topics, such as politics, assistance for the elderly and children. During the 80's he participated in many TV programs, broadcast on various television stations such as Rai, Mediaset and Telemontecarlo. He participated in Sportacus, Do your game, Tiramisu, Dido Menica and Giro d'Italia.

The popularity for Enzo Iacchetti came in 1990 when he participated in the Maurizio Costanzo Show. In 1994, however, the successful conduction to Striscia la Notizia began with his colleague Ezio Greggio. In the 90s he was the protagonist of many sitcoms, such as Those Two Above the Varanus, directed by Antonio Ricci, in which Enzo Iacchetti starred alongside Lello Arena, How when it rains outside and From what is born what. In 2004 he was one of the protagonists together with Ezio Greggio of a mini TV series aired on Canale 5, entitled Benedetti dal Signore. The TV series was very successful and dealt with the events of two priests.

Another moderately successful sit com was Il mammo, in which he starred with Natalia Estrada. In 2008, however, he participated in Medici mio, a sitcom that aired on Italia 1 in which he starred alongside Giobbe Covatta. In 2010 he conducted the Velone edition, alongside the model Nina Senicar. As for private life, the actor and comic presenter has a son named Martino who was born in 1986.

In 2002 he began a love affair with the showgirl Maddalena Corvaglia, whom he met during Striscia la Notizia. During his career he has obtained several prizes and awards; among the most important are the Telegatti obtained in 1995, thanks to the television broadcast La stangata- Who makes it look for it, in 2004, thanks to the TV series Benedetti dal Signore and in 2008, thanks to Striscia la Notizia , the silver hedgehog in 2010 for the show I apologize to Mr. Gaber and the golden lectern in 2012.

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