Enzo Paolo Turchi and Carmen Russo, from the first meeting to today

Enzo Paolo Turchi and Carmen Russo, from the first meeting to today

A love lasting over thirty years born on TV and characterized by passion and a lot of irony: we are talking about Enzo Paolo Turchi and Carmen Russo

It is one of the longest-lived and most loved couples in the entertainment world: we are talking about the one formed by Enzo Paolo Turchi and Carmen Russo. Their love story has always been characterized by passion and a lot of irony, fundamental ingredients of their relationship.

The dancer met the man of her life behind the scenes of the Drive In show: it was the year 1983, and they have never left since. Together for over thirty years, some time ago they unveiled the background of their first meeting in Serena Bortone’s living room at Today is another day: “He didn’t get to the point, he didn’t catch the signals – said Carme Russo -. I was kneeling under the table. Enzo doesn’t respect the kind of man I liked. A little more rude. But we’ve been married for 37 years. He was very polite, very kind, beautiful. He opened the car door for me, accompanied me. One day he got mad at the dancers in the rehearsal room… but who is he, I wondered. Is the devil hiding under an angel? You hit me! We women like contradictions, contrasts. And in that moment I thought: you will be mine “.

Enzo too has never spared himself with declarations of love: “I’m afraid if I’m without her, I’m afraid. Without someone from my family, I’m terrified. The terror of being alone. I have forgotten everything else. She is my great love ”.

Their love has grown hand in hand with their artistic partnership, which has never stopped: Carmen and Enzo Paolo decided to get married in 1987, and after many years their family has expanded: in 2013 in fact they came to light the little Mary, born thanks to assisted fertilization.

The arrival of their little girl helped to cement the already wonderful relationship of the couple who, in 2015, wanted to renew their wedding vows, precisely at the express wish of little Maria. In an interview with Today is another day he said: “She fills you with joy, she is sunny, she is fun, she is great: I hope to pass on to her all the values ​​and all the weapons to face the world”. And on the subject of the great suffering of not being able to become a mother she had confessed: “He has filled our life, the true meaning of life is the children”.

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