Epicondylitis: tennis elbow symptoms, causes, and remedies

Epicondylitis: tennis elbow symptoms, causes, and remedies

Epicondylitis is a traumatic overload injury. This episode of "Daily Health Pills" explains how to treat it

Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis can be considered a traumatic overload injury in which the common extensor muscle of the fingers is overstretched and becomes inflamed, so the severe pain that occurs on the lateral armband may also originate beyond outside sporting activity.

How it manifests itself

The lesion is self-maintaining due to a kind of vicious circle. First there is the inflammation in the elbow that produces pain, then the pain induces irritation in the surrounding areas and enlarges the painful area. All of this obviously leads to an increase in inflammation and therefore if the stimulus that somehow moves the arm continues, the problem remains.

Pain is particularly common when trying to grab an object or when this maneuver involves the extensor muscle of the fingers.

Prevention and treatment

On the prevention front, care must be taken when lifting weights with a lot of strength on the arms. The important thing is not to underestimate the problem. In fact, in the initial stages, the ailment seems to be of little magnitude and it may tend to be underestimated. Remember that it is important to rest for a few days and if your doctor recommends it, apply a small protective bandage on the elbow and forearm.

Epicondylitis seems to disappear in this way. But be careful if you start again with the wrong movements, the risk of the discomfort returning is very high. Even a simple epicondylitis can worsen over time and then recur several times and even lead to the need for surgery. It is a sort of "final solution" and any indication for this type of treatment must be assessed on a case-by-case basis together with the treating doctor and orthopedic specialist.

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