Eros and Marica Pellegrinelli together again thanks to Aurora: the indiscretion

Eros Ramazzotti and Marica Pellegrinelli broke up: she would already be living in another house

Eros and Marica Pellegrinelli would be back together thanks to Aurora Ramazzotti: the indiscretion

Are Eros Ramazzotti and Marica Pellegrinelli back together thanks to Aurora? According to the latest rumors released by Novella 2000, there is a flashback going on among the former that would be the work of Michelle Hunziker's daughter.

Less than a year ago the singer and model had announced the end of their marriage. A farewell unveiled with a statement that spoke of "10 wonderful years". Both never revealed the reasons for the breakup, but still tried to stay together for the love of their two children. Eros defended Marica from gossip and attacks by publishing a video on Instagram in which he reaffirmed his esteem for his ex-wife. While Pellegrinelli has been paparazzi several times in the company of the artist – between concerts and days at the beach – for the sake of her children.

Shortly after the announcement of the divorce, Marica began a relationship with Charley Vezza, which however came to an end a few months ago. Eros, on the other hand, has always declared that he wants to remain single even if there have been numerous flirts that have been attributed to the singer, from Valentina Bilbao to Roberta Morise. He has always denied strongly, claiming to want to focus only on the children.

In this situation, according to sources close to the couple, Aurora Ramazzotti would have intervened. Eros and Michelle's eldest daughter has always been very close to Marica Pellegrinelli and even after her divorce from her father she continued to frequent her and to reiterate her esteem for her.

"Marica is the mother of my brothers," he said some time ago. It is no coincidence that Fabio Fazio was a guest, Aurora had chosen to leave his beloved cat at Pellegrinelli, showing how the relationships between the two were excellent. Novella 2000 reads that "the misunderstandings of the past have become today's wealth" and that thanks to the intervention of the young Ramazzotti, the two exes would have managed to find each other. A flashback that, at least for now, the couple would have decided to keep secret, perhaps waiting to find out what will happen in the coming months.

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