Eros, new single with Fabio Rovazzi: the reaction of Aurora Ramazzotti on Instagram

Aurora Ramazzotti, the splendid message for Tommaso Zorzi

Eros Ramazzotti and Fabio Rovazzi drop the bomb: new summer catchphrase with "My happiness" and Aurora replies on Instagram

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Fabio Rovazzi returns after two years of silence and does it in style with Eros Ramazzotti, announcing the new single, My happiness. The news took everyone by surprise, including Aurora Ramazzotti, daughter of Eros and Michelle Hunziker who shared her amazement on Instagram.

To announce the great return of the former protege of Fedez and the collaboration with Eros, it was Fabio Rovazzi himself who revealed the cover of the song on his Instagram profile and commented: "After 2 years I'm too happy to come back with this bomb atomic ".

Eros in turn relaunched the cover of the song on Instagram and defined his partner: "@rovazzi GENIO DELLA HELICITY 🧞‍♂️."

My Happiness comes out on 25 June, promises to be the summer catchphrase and is Rovazzi's answer to Mille, the song that brings together an unreleased trio composed of Orietta Berti, Achille Lauro and precisely Fedez. And then, of course, there are the Maneskins who are in excellent competition with Fabio and Eros.

Rovazzi and Ramazzotti had already met professionally in 2018 for the video I do what I want. The new collaboration between the two was greeted with great enthusiasm by fans of both. But first of all, Aurora Ramazzotti who reacted to the posts of her father and Fabio with an enthusiastic “EDDAJEEEEEEEEEEE🔥🔥🔥”. And on the stories of his profile he commented on the news showing his surprised expression "immediately after discovering the news from social networks".

Once the bomb was dropped, many rushed to write to the two to congratulate them, including Gianni Morandi: "After happiness comes happiness!". Colapesce, Monica Leofreddi, Lorella Cuccarini showed all their enthusiasm, to which Rovazzi replies: “An honor 🔥 let's break everything 💣”.

The single My Happiness also marks the return of Eros Ramazzotti whose last studio album, Vita ce neè, dates back to November 2018.

Aurora Ramazzotti

Aurora Ramazzotti, the story on Instagram

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