Eros Ramazzotti, embarrassed Roberta Morise talks about him at I Fatti Vostri

Eros Ramazzotti, embarrassed Roberta Morise talks about him at I Fatti Vostri

At I Fatti Vostri a historical performance by Eros Ramazzotti is shown and Roberta Morise is embarrassed. Will the two come out soon?

The story between Eros Ramazzotti and Roberta Morise seems to be truly serious and important. Although the two are dating in secret, the rumors about their relationship are becoming more insistent. This time, the host of I Fatti Vostri thought about increasing the suspicions, who was unable to hold back her emotions.

Those of Roberta Morise seem to be precisely the eyes of a woman in love. The presenter, who joins Giancarlo Magalli with I Fatti Vostri, was unable to hide her feelings for Eros Ramazzotti during the Rai Due morning program where, presenting a historical performance by the singer, she became embarrassed and excited, remaining speechless. So, smiling and silent, he looked at him who, at the Sanremo Festival 1985, was singing An important story.

Yet another proof that the relationship between Roberta Morise and Eros Ramazzotti could soon become something more. And if neither of them formalized the relationship, the presenter did not however deny her feelings and reactions. Indeed, in her stories on Instagram she republished the moment when, during the episode of I Fatti Vostri, she embarrassed herself talking about the singer.

Falling in love again would be a great victory for Eros and Roberta. In fact, both are veterans of finished stories. Ramazzotti recently separated from the model Marica Pellegrinelli, with whom he married in 2014 and with whom he had two children. The ex-wife of the singer also immediately began a relationship with Charley Vezza after announcing the divorce. La Morise, on the other hand, has had a history with Carlo Conti in the past and other relationships that ended badly.

If the two do not make statements and are strongly intent on not revealing anything, some of their friends would have instead claimed to have seen them particularly serene and radiant. In short, their story would allow both of them to leave behind the sorrows of the past.

Will they come out soon? Eros Ramazzotti and Roberta Morise seem, for now, intent on maintaining great confidentiality, despite the questions they continue to receive from the most curious and gossip fans. Apparently, the two are dating, albeit virtually only in the last period. Furthermore, their relationship is already making fans of the couple dream that they can't wait to see their story made official.

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