Erriquez, Enrico Greppi's sweet dedication to his wife and son

Erriquez, la dolcissima dedica di Enrico Greppi alla moglie e al figlio

The leader of the Bandabardò, who had just passed away, had written a message to his wife Silvia and his son Rocco

Enrico Greppi, better known to many under the pseudonym of Erriquez, was one of the few exponents of Italian folk with Bandabardò, the band he belonged to.

On the group's Facebook page, on the day of the death of its leader, a message was published that the artist had written, almost taking leave of the rest of the world and above all of his closest loved ones.

“Each story has its own life and each life has a thousand stories. My life has been music that happens, encounters of peoples, magic, stories, a thousand shining suns and wind in your face. I have no remorse, I have no regrets, my life has been an adventure ", wrote the singer, who passed away in his home in Fiesole after a year of fighting a tumor.

"Finally, after so much useless wandering, I found the perfect woman and married her, making her mine forever, my life, travel and dream partner, my best friend, my woman, my wife Silvia to whom I owe so much, to whom I owe everything ”, is the dedication he addresses to the woman who was next to him. Very little is known about her, given the now reserved life that the singer led for years. Certainly theirs was a strong and intense bond. In these sweet words you can see all the affection and care that Silvia has had towards Erriquez.

Greppi's thoughts then go to his son: “I am the happy father of an amazing son, the best one could wish for, with the most beautiful smile in the world. Rocco ”, he wrote again. It was with him and his girlfriend that the singer had spent the lockdown in the spring, as he told a local newspaper a few months ago.

"It was a fantastic opportunity to enjoy it, happily in love, full of projects in its twenty-five years. It is not easy for a boy to accept losing a year like this, especially for one who is active and planning like him. I was happy to be able to live this period with him. If he had been in London, where he lived for a long time, far away, I would have lived this period worse ”, he explained.

Finally, in his farewell message, a message specifically for the Bandabardò: “I enjoyed having the best companions I could have, my Band of the heart, our wonderful creature of a thousand colors. In this great circle, I greet and thank all those who have loved me and all those I have loved, the names are many, you know who ”.

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