Eucalyptus tea to fill up on antioxidants

Eucalyptus tea to fill up on antioxidants

The infusion, prepared with the leaves of the famous evergreen plant, is a concentrate of benefits

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Eucalyptus tea is an infusion prepared with the leaves of the evergreen plant of the same name, known since time immemorial for its important medicinal properties. There are several benefits that can come from consuming eucalyptus tea.

Among the main ones, it is undoubtedly possible to mention the presence of antioxidants that characterizes the leaves of the plant (which can also be used for the preparation of a fantastic essential oil). By analyzing their profile, it is possible to find above all flavonoids, known for their positive repercussions when it comes to protecting our body from the effects of oxidative stress.

Science has repeatedly focused on this very important property of eucalyptus tea. Worthy of note in this regard, among the many studies carried out in recent years, is a research work published in 2018 and conducted by teams active at various prestigious organizations in Europe (e.g. the Complutense University of Madrid).

The teams in question investigated the neuroprotective activities, based on antioxidant efficacy, of eucalyptus leaf extracts. At the follow up, the scholars concluded that the aforementioned extracts can be used as ingredients in food supplements and pharmaceutical products aimed at combating oxidative stress.

Regarding eucalyptus tea, it is only right to open a parenthesis. While there are no doubts regarding its safety in adults, the case of children is different, as they can undergo manifestations of toxicity. For this reason, before administering this infusion, it is necessary to ask your doctor for advice.

The reasons why eucalyptus tea is considered beneficial for health certainly do not end there! Also worth mentioning is its ability, due to its natural anti-inflammatory action, to reduce the symptoms of diseases such as colds.

For this property, one must say thanks to a known cineole or eucalyptol compound. Its action has come under the lens of scientific research several times. Worth mentioning is a German study published in 2019, which ascertained the mucolytic properties of cineole.

There is no denying it: eucalyptus tea is truly a marvel! When it comes to its benefits, it is also worth mentioning its relaxing effectiveness. We conclude by pointing out the importance of asking your doctor for advice before starting to drink it.

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