Eugenia of York, first birthday as a mother: happiness on Instagram

Eugenia of York, first birthday as a mother: happiness on Instagram

A very special birthday for Eugenia of York, who for the first time celebrates her birthday with her son August. And, to show all her joy, she posts a sweet photo on Instagram

Marriage Eugenia of York and Jack Brooksbank

Granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and second child of the Dukes of York Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, Princess Eugenie is among the most beloved members of the British Royal Family. Born on March 23, 1990, she has therefore just turned 31 years old. An important event, in which he received many messages of affection and esteem.

Her birthday, however, this year was truly special for one reason in particular: it is her first as a mother. And even if she could not celebrate big, as has already happened for the birth of the little one, August Philip Hawke, who came into the world on February 9 and the result of love with her husband Jack Brooksbank, the Princess had no reason to feel bitterness or sadness.

To demonstrate all the happiness felt on the occasion of her birthday, indeed, Princess Eugenia wanted to share a very sweet photo on Instagram. The image portrays her as she romantically looks her Jack in the eyes and holds little August in her arms. The Princess, very elegant with a colorful headband and an animal print dress is simply beautiful.

To accompany the wonderful family portrait, very few words that reveal all the joy of Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter:

Thanks for yesterday's birthday full of love. I got the best gift I could ask for !!!

Nothing seems to disturb Princess Eugenie's serenity, not even the issues that have recently been causing great concern in the British Royal Family: from the recent hospitalization of Prince Philip, which ended only about a week ago, to the interview that Harry and Meghan Markle have released to Oprah Winfrey making heavy accusations against members of the Royal Family and Buckingham Palace staff.

On the other hand, the last few months have been truly special for Eugenia, who couldn't be happier than that. On July 17, she attended the wedding of Beatrice of York, her beloved sister, and shortly thereafter announced her pregnancy. Despite the difficulties caused by the health emergency, she managed to spend the period preceding the birth with great tranquility. In February, then, the greatest joy: the birth of August.

Eugenia of York, always very elegant and mild-mannered, will she be able to convey a little of her serenity to the Royal Family as well to face the difficulties that arose after the harsh words of Harry and Meghan?

Eugenie of York

Eugenia of York, the sweet photo posted on Instagram for her first birthday as a mother.

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