Eugenia of York, her son would be born by caesarean section

Eugenia of York, her son would be born by caesarean section

A few days have passed since the birth of her son, and new rumors emerge about the birth of Eugenia of York

Eugenie of York pregnant with first child

Eugenia of York became a mother very recently, and she is spending these days in the intimacy of her new family to enjoy moments that will remain unforgettable forever. In the meantime, there is a lot of talk about how the baby was born: it seems that the Princess had to undergo a caesarean section.

The granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II welcomed her first child on February 9, a beautiful boy whose name has not yet been revealed – as usual, Eugenia is also waiting a few days before making the announcement publicly. According to a source very close to the family, as reported by People, the Princess would have had a caesarean section due to the previous surgery she underwent when she was a child, an operation that was necessary to solve her scoliosis problem.

After suffering from this condition throughout her childhood, Eugenia underwent complex back surgery at the age of just 12. He retains a long scar from that period, which he proudly displays as a sign of his fight against scoliosis – he had left it uncovered even during his marriage to Jack Brooksbank. And the scoliosis itself would have influenced the doctors' choice of how the Princess should have given birth.

In fact, there are several clues that suggest a caesarean delivery. Eugenia of York gave birth to her son at the Portland Hospital in Westminster (the same hospital where Meghan Markle gave birth to little Archie), and was discharged after three days. Quite a long time, especially considering Kate Middleton's flash resignation after the birth of her children. But the three days of hospitalization would be justified in the case of a caesarean section, which requires a little longer for the new mother to fully recover.

In addition, several experts in gynecology and obstetrics, such as Dr. Minkin, explained to People that often pregnant patients with a history of surgery for scoliosis are referred to a caesarean section, of course, upon proper evaluation. The source revealed to the magazine that Eugenia is recovering very well, that she is satisfied and that the baby is a real dream.

She and her husband are spending these days at Frogmore Cottage, the beautiful Windsor lodging that Meghan and Harry lived in prior to their move to the United States. Here, immersed in the lush greenery of the countryside surrounding London, Eugenia and Jack began their new life as parents.

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