Eugenia of York is pregnant. There would be confirmation

Eugenia of York is pregnant. There would be confirmation

Eugenia of York would be expecting her first child from her husband Jack Brooksbank. Andrea and Sarah Ferguson's daughter would be in the fourth month of pregnancy

Marriage Eugenia of York and Jack Brooksbank

Eugenia of York would be pregnant. The second child of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson would be expecting the first child of her husband, Jack Brooksbank, married in October 2018. It seems that she will be the first to give birth to a new baby in the English Royal Family.

Therefore, Eugenia would have beaten both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, but also her sister Beatrice who said the fateful yes with Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi last July with a secret ceremony, in the announcement of the sweet expectation. British bettors were in fact certain that by the end of 2020 a woman of the Crown would have revealed that she was pregnant. And that woman looks like Eugenie of York.

To tell the truth, the official announcement from Palazzo has not yet arrived, but the magazine New Idea would have had confirmation of the pregnancy from a source close to the Princess, who would have revealed that Eugenia is already in her fourth month. Real affairs expert Philip Dampier commented on the fact: "It would be extraordinary news for the Royals if Eugenia were really pregnant". And he continued: “The Queen and her husband would be happy to have another great-grandchild, whose birth would become the best gift for Prince Philip's 100th anniversary“.

The sweet expectation would be splendid news for Eugenia and would come at the end of a difficult year, especially due to the scandal that overwhelmed her father Andrea as a result of which he had to resign from his posts at the Court. The Royal Family tried to expel him from the life of the Palace, even deleting him from the official wedding photos of his daughter Beatrice.

Dampier also emphasized how the Princess's pregnancy can be a breath of serenity also for Brooksbank's family. Her father was seriously ill and the arrival of a baby in the house can only be greeted with great joy. The expert continued: "It would not surprise me at all if Eugenia's elder sister, Beatrice, were also pregnant. Thus we would have a real double pregnancy ”. “Fergie [Sarah Ferguson ed] will be in seventh heaven. The Queen has always said that whatever her faults are, she was a good mother and will also be a wonderful grandmother ”.

Eugenia's pregnancy was long overdue. But the rumors had gotten more and more insistent about a month ago when new photos of the Princess popped up as she arrived at the Balmoral estate, showing more than suspicious curves. One shot in particular in which she wears a green jacket and holds an orange package in her hand has sparked the gossip about pregnant women.

On the other hand, some photos of Beatrice shopping in a baby shop also led to believe that she was pregnant. Now you can think that as a good aunt she bought some gifts for her nephew on the way.

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