Eugenia of York mother: the Queen's opinion on the baby's name

There is great curiosity about the name of the son of Eugenia of York: the Queen may have influenced his choice

Eugenia of York has recently become the mother of a beautiful boy, as she herself announced on Instagram immediately after birth. And the full name has already started: what will the Princess's eldest son be called? According to some experts, it is possible that Queen Elizabeth II influenced the choice of new parents.

As always happens when a Royal Baby is born, the subjects can not help but anxiously wait to find out what his name will be. Traditionally, members of the Royal Family let some time pass before publicly revealing their choice. And even if in recent years this period of time has become shorter and shorter (just think that Queen Elizabeth announced the name of her son Charles after a month, while Lady Diana did so on the day of Harry's birth), Eugenia he does not appear to have any intention of breaking protocol.

Her baby was born on the morning of February 9, 2021, as we read in the post that the Royal Family shared on Instagram to give the good news. Among the most popular names for the newborn are Arthur and James, who traditionally belong to the Royal Family, but also Philip – a tribute to Prince Philip, who will turn 100 this year. However, it is not excluded that the Princess and her husband Jack Brooksbank may decide to move away from the more common choices, in line with their many "bold" choices compared to what the royal label imposes.

The expert Jennifer Moss, according to the Express, has however speculated how Queen Elizabeth II may have influenced Eugenia and Jack in the choice of the name. Although the final decision is always up to mom and dad, Her Majesty would still have some sort of 'veto power'. Traditionally, the Queen is the first to be informed of the baby's name, and according to Moss it is possible that her disapproval pushes the parents to change their mind.

In reality, each Royal Baby has more than one name: if we think of William and Kate's children, we will remember that they are called George Alexander Louis, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and Louis Arthur Charles. So it is possible that Princess Eugenia takes advantage of this tradition to introduce a more original name, combining it with two other much more classic ones.

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