Eugenie of York is happy, she leaves the hospital and returns home with her son

Eugenie of York is happy, she leaves the hospital and returns home with her son

Eugenia of York returns home after giving birth to her first child. And his happiness does not go unnoticed

Eugenie of York pregnant with first child

Eugenia of York has finally become a mother. On February 9, in fact, she gave birth to her first child: a boy. And, while everyone is still wondering what name she will choose for her baby, the Princess made her first appearance after giving birth.

The second child of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, Duke of York and third child of the Queen, has in fact left the hospital where she gave birth to her child. With her, of course, the little one, who is in perfect health and is about to enjoy the attention of his family, and her husband Jack Brooksbank.

Upon exiting The Portland Hospital, the new parents were greeted by a well-stocked array of photographers, hoping to be able to see and immortalize the baby for the first time. Eugenia and Jack were, however, very protective, protecting their first child. Probably, their intention is to officially present it on another occasion.

One thing, however, did not go unnoticed: Eugenia's happiness. Radiant as never before, she greeted the photographers with a smile. To go home, the Princess chose a comfortable yet classy look. In fact, he wore a plaid dress and, to protect himself from the cold, a beige coat.

Her husband Jack, who drove the car and drove his family home, was also visibly satisfied. Eugenia, on the other hand, preferred to sit on the rear seats, next to the seat, to protect her eldest child from any road damage and from prying eyes.

If the joy of the two is undeniable, there are many curiosities that Jack and Eugenia have not yet satisfied. First, it is still impossible to know the baby's name. Traditionally, on the other hand, the members of the Royal Families always let some time pass before revealing their decision. It is not yet known, moreover, which is the residence where the new family went to spend the first days together: Kensington Palace or the Frogmore Cottage, the old residence of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

Soon Eugenia and her husband Jack will therefore have to reveal the long-awaited name chosen for their child who, despite receiving no royal title, is Queen Elizabeth's ninth great-grandchild. Will the Princess be able to meet her grandmother's expectations?

Eugenie of York

Eugenia of York as she leaves the hospital with her eldest son: happy, she greets the photographers with a smile.

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