European green pass, the new rules for families from 1 July

European green pass, the new rules for families from 1 July

Europe approves the new certificate for travel across the continent: what families need to know

He had been waiting for a long time and has finally arrived. The European green pass in digital format can be spent to travel abroad from 1 July 2021. The announcement was made by President David Sassoli, in Strasbourg, on the occasion of the opening of the works.

With the pass, you can certify that you have completed the vaccination cycle with double or single dose – in the case of serum produced by Johnson & Johnson – and will be valid from the 14th day following vaccination; to have recovered from Covid-19 for less than six months or to be negative on the molecular or rapid test.

How the European green pass works

The EU Covid digital certificate – also known as the green pass – will be free and can be issued by all member states. The certificate will be valid throughout Europe. Furthermore, it will not be possible to impose additional restrictions on circulation to those who possess the certification, except in case of necessity and proportionate to the protection of public health. The green pass will allow you to circulate throughout the continent for work, family and leisure reasons.

Through the new measure, quarantine or tests will therefore be avoided in order to be able to move within the Member States. It will come into force from 1 July and will be released to all citizens who meet the required requirements. Its use will be decided according to the legal system of each state and will not be mandatory but only recommended.

How to travel with children in tow

The rules for the green pass to be issued to minors are different and depend on each state belonging to the European Union. The age for the first release is therefore discretionary and it is necessary to inquire before departure. The certificate is issued to all, free of charge, following a negative molecular swab (performed in the previous 72 hours) or a rapid antigenic swab (performed in the previous 48 hours).

For travel to Europe, you will therefore have to refer to the country of destination. Below, all the ages set by the new rules: United Kingdom 11 years old; Switzerland 12 years; France 11 years; Spain 6 years; Germany 6 years; Portugal 2 years. Vaccination, on the other hand, is reserved for children over 16 years of age.

The green pass is also obtained with the certification of recovery from Covid-19, which took place no later than six months prior to the request to be sent to the pediatrician of free choice or to the general practitioner. With the European certificate, the inbound and outbound quarantine obligations are canceled.


To move around Europe, a green pass is required. For everyone. This certificate is issued following a negative molecular or antigen test (carried out in the previous 72 or 48 hours); following recovery from Coronavirus and after completing the vaccination course (two doses for Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca and a single dose for the Janssen vaccine).

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