Eurovision 2022 in Italy, the first hypotheses of Rai on the choice of the city

Damiano e Victoria Maneskin

After the victory of the Måneskin, Italy is preparing to welcome the next edition of Eurovision

Måneskin at Eurovision, a photo story of a triumph: the cheering of VIPs

With the triumph of the Måneskin, Eurovision finally returns to Italy after 30 years. The hypotheses on the host city are already being examined by Rai, but the table is still open to all kinds of possibilities.

The first to comment on the return of ESC to Italy was the deputy director of Rai1 Claudio Fasulo, who also put a point on the age-old question of the company's reluctance to take home the victory of the event, both awaited and sweaty. in these years.

"Regarding the RAI metropolitan legend that hopes not to win the ESC, the answer is negative. We hope to win, as we do in all competitions. We would love to host the biggest musical event in the world ”.

Fasulo also gave a first preview of what could be the city chosen to host the continental event, recalling what was decided in some meetings held in 2017 on the occasion of the participation of Francesco Gabbani:

“We would be proud to do it within our tricolor walls. During the year that Francesco Gabbani was the favorite, before going to Kiev, we organized a couple of meetings in case of his victory. The best hypothesis was Turin. I don't know if that might be the best guess even today. With creativity you can arrive later you cannot arrive with money ”.

He is echoed by the director of Rai1 Stefano Coletta who, in recent years, has given increasing importance to the event: “Rai has increasingly increased its attention to this competition. The ESC is a competition that deserves the issuance even of the semifinals on a true generalist. The data obtained by Rai 4 prove it. I hope Eurovision can return to our home. It would be a wonderful adventure ”.

That of Turin, for the moment, remains among the indiscretions. However, the hypothesis is not remote, since the Pala Alpitour in the Piedmontese capital represents the largest indoor arena in the entire nation. The possibilities of Rome and Milan, also equipped with ample space for organization, are not to be excluded, while it would be an incredible goal to choose the suggestive setting of the Verona Arena, as whispered – not too softly – by Cristiano Malgioglio , host of Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with Gabriele Corsi.

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