Eva Grimaldi's mother died: the actress's moving post

Eva Grimaldi's mother died: the actress's moving post

Eva Grimaldi mourns on Facebook the death of her mother, who died a few days after her return from the Island of the Famous

Serious loss for Eva Grimaldi, who has lost her mother these days. The actress and former protagonist of the Island of the Famous, announced the death of her beloved mother with a post on Facebook. The health conditions of the woman for some time were not good, for this reason during her stay in Honduras often the Grimaldi asked for updates on her from the study.

"He taught me to live, to be happy, to believe in dreams – wrote the former of Gabriel Garko saying goodbye to his mother with a long post on Facebook -. To cry when necessary, to run when I had the strength. I have always considered my Mama my favorite Hero, what we read in books or scripts ”.

"I have always admired her for her ability to be a Woman, a Mother, a Friend and a Companion – continues Grimaldi in the post -. And, despite every difficulty, he never denied me the most important thing: Love. He waited for me: he waited for me to come back from the trip to take one. He waited, in his immense goodness and kindness, for everything to come back in order. He embraced me, for the last time, and then, gently, he left. Mom, thank you. Mom, good trip. Your daughter, Milva ”.

Many messages of condolence from the fans of the actress and also from her adventure companions on the Island of the Famous, in particular Nancy Coppola, the neomelodic singer with whom Grimaldi had arrived in the final: "My heartfelt condolences go to my adventure friend Eva Grimaldi for the loss of her dear mother – he wrote -. I'm sorry, my dear, I am close to you with my heart. "

Next to Grimaldi, in this moment of pain, there is Imma Battaglia, the woman with whom she decided to share her life. The two had kept their relationship a secret, which was revealed only during the participation of the Rimini actress on reality TV. A coming out that, according to gossip magazines, will soon be followed by a wedding, to crown the couple's dream of love.

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