Every morning, Adriana Volpe's show at risk: it could close

Every morning, Adriana Volpe's show at risk: it could close

There are rumors about the possible closure of "Every Morning": what will be the fate of the morning show hosted by Adriana Volpe

Adriana Volpe, looks and curiosities between Every Morning and Instagram

Every morning it moves towards closing. Adriana Volpe's morning show had already undergone some changes, but the risk that Tv8 decides to put a stop to the television adventure of the presenter is becoming more and more palpable. It has been on the air every morning for about a year and over the months it has changed its face several times.

Initially it went on the air from Monday to Friday every morning (in fact) for four hours, then after Easter the network decided to reduce them to just two hours. As if that were not enough, the content of the format was also changed, which at first was halfway between information and entertainment, choosing to favor the latter at the expense of news and current events. So much so as to cut out Alessio Viola, first co-host with the Volpe.

The hostess had announced the latest news with a post on her Instagram profile, which however did not in the least refer to possible problems of the morning show. On that occasion, the presenter had limited herself to updating fans on the reduction of live hours, reassuring them about the contents.

However, it seems that this change of course was not enough and Every Morning seriously risks closing its doors. According to rumors reported in the magazine Diva and Donna, the program would have recorded unsatisfactory results, which is why Tv8 could decide to stop it and not renew it for next season. TvBlog also spoke of very low ratings, stating that precisely because of them the program had undergone important changes. While the rumors continue to chase each other, it seems that the Fox will remain at the helm of Every Morning until the month of May, no more.

Indiscretions, no confirmation or denial either by the network or by the hostess. As happens in many similar situations, the last word is not said and the Fox morning show could be spared and return in the new television season, perhaps with some further "adjustments". Meanwhile, the fans continue to support their darling, an Adriana who has never stopped engaging with all her heart and all her energy in her work. A highly experienced host who lives her professional life with great passion. And this affectionate fans know well.

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