Every morning, "Asia Argento and Morgan have made peace after years"

Every morning, "Asia Argento and Morgan have made peace after years"

After making peace, Asia Argento and Morgan would be ready to work together: the revelation to "Every Morning"

Asia Argento and Morgan would not only have made peace, but they would also be preparing a collaboration. To reveal it is Santo Pirrotta at Every Morning, a program conducted by Adriana Volpe. According to the journalist, the actress and singer, former historians, would have gotten closer again thanks to music. “Asia and Morgan have come back together after so many years – revealed the journalist – and are back to being friends. Music brought them together ”. So much that the exes would be about to record a song.

News that comes after years of clashes and heated questions and answers. Morgan and Asia lived an intense love story, which lasted from 2000 to 2006. An important love story from which the eldest daughter Anna Lou was born in 2001. Two years after the end of the relationship with the leader of the Bluvertigo, the Argento married Michele Civetta with whom she had the son Nicola. The director and the actress separated in 2012 and in 2017 Asia seemed to have found happiness alongside Anthony Bourdain, the famous American chef. A love broken by Bourdain's death, found blind in a hotel in France.

Morgan's love life was also quite troubled. In 2012, the singer had his second daughter, Lara, with Jessica Mazzoli, competitor of X Factor 5. After the relationship shipwrecked, in 2020 he announced the birth of Maria Eco, his third daughter, the result of love for Alessandra Cataldo who, according to rumors, it would already be over.

Over the years, Morgan and Asia have not spared low blows and accusations, but there has always been a thin red thread to unite them. "He was a great love, I had several great loves, he was the man with whom I lasted the longest – Argento confessed some time ago, speaking of her former partner -. Seven years with him, seven years of trouble. He was a 27-year-old boy when I met him, a boy who knew many things, who was full of curiosity about the world. He taught me, we shared, traveled, we loved each other very much. After so many years, I still have the image of that little boy there. I still love him ”.

"At that time I didn't realize anything because I was terribly ill because of love – instead Morgan had told, recalling the stormy relationship with Argento -. I came to weigh 45 kilos, I didn't eat, I threw myself on the floor and stayed there for days and days without doing anything. I was desperate. We always argued, every day. And what for then? For love".

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