Every morning, Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta: skip the wedding

Every morning, Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta: skip the wedding

Sandro Pirrotta, journalist, was interviewed on Every Morning: no wedding for Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta? The indiscretion

No marriage in sight for Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman: speaking is Sandro Pirrotta, who seems to have put a decisive point in the most popular gossip of the last period. For weeks now, it seems that the actor's fans have been waiting for him to get married with the sports presenter, Diletta Leotta. But the times are still long.

The revelations of Sandro Pirrotta at Every Morning, therefore, are quite burning: in fact, he mentions the Betrothed, nodding to Adriana Volpe's statement: "This marriage is not to be done. It concerns a very top couple, the couple of the moment: Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta. " However, Sandro begins the indiscretion by pointing out that the two are very much in love. “They went to live together in a beautiful house, overlooking the Colosseum. She even introduced him to her family in Sicily. "

For now, Pirrotta confirms all the chatter of which Can and Diletta had been protagonists. The presentation to mum and dad Leotta, the trip to Catania and above all the coexistence. It seems that, despite the gossip indicating something else, namely that the couple were fake, they are actually experiencing a real and very special love story. So much so that he even wanted to get married.

“Can had asked her to marry him on August 16, Diletta's birthday. He wanted to give her this gift. " Sandro, therefore, underlines that marriage is nothing new, but that Yaman had the desire to get serious right from the start. "But she took the time to think about it." He therefore did not immediately respond to Can. “In the end he managed to convince him, to hold him back. So it is not certain that this marriage will not take place, but certainly not now. Let's say it sled, we are waiting for updates. "

A recent indiscretion, however, had reported that the mother of the beautiful Beloved is not at all in favor of marriage and that she would even be against it. Although Can appeared in the company of Ofelia Castorina, her mother, perhaps there is still some air of indecision in the Leotta house.

In any case, the couple continues to show themselves and to be happy, and this is what matters. If they don't feel like sealing their love with the wedding for now, it's because they want to live, enjoy this romantic moment and, who knows, get married in great secret, without saying anything to anyone.

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