Every morning, Costanza Caracciolo talks about the pain of abortion

Ogni Mattina, Costanza Caracciolo racconta il dolore dell’aborto

Costanza Caracciolo, Adriana Volpe's guest at 'Every Morning', recalled the difficult moment in her past and sided with women who are facing the pain of abortion

Always sweet, smiling and energetic: this is how Costanza Caracciolo looks every time she shows herself on her social profiles and on TV. Despite the happy marriage with former footballer Christian Vieri and the joy of being the mother of little Stella and Isabel, even the former tissue has experienced really difficult moments. To tell it herself, in the program conducted by Adriana Volpe Every Morning.

What Caracciolo spoke of is a deep pain, difficult to forget. Costanza, in a long interview, talked about her private life and confessed to having suffered a miscarriage during her first pregnancy. An event of which the showgirl still has very vivid memories.

It is an immense pain – he said – I shudder at the very thought.

To make those days even more difficult the fact that, just as she and Vieri were facing this great pain, the press was announcing her pregnancy. The day the news broke, however, Costanza found out she had lost her baby girl.

Caracciolo, who later became Stella and Isabel's mother, is extremely aware of how difficult an abortion can be to deal with. This is why she treasured her experience and sided with women who are experiencing or have lived through this bad experience. Many, he declared, are those who write to her and seek a confrontation with her, because they are unable to express what they feel to those close to them.

They are not wrong, they must not feel alone, we are an army to have lived it. Just try again as soon as you feel ready.

Having overcome the pains of the past, Costanza is today a happy woman. With Bobo Vieri she managed to build the family she always wanted. A family that, however, has no intention of expanding:

We are so happy to have these two girls, they lift us up and give us a lot of energy, but we have no intention of doing more – she admitted-. It is clear that if that happens… But I don't think so. We wanted two daughters and two daughters.

The former showgirl, who is always extremely reserved, has thus shared important moments of her life with the audience of Every Morning. She did it with strength, courage and, above all, great generosity, encouraging, with her sweet smile, all women who want a child and who are having difficulty achieving their dream.

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