Every morning, news for Adriana Volpe: the program is halved


News in sight for Adriana Volpe: her program "Every Morning" is halved and will be on the air for two hours instead of four

Adriana Volpe, looks and curiosities between Every Morning and Instagram

Every morning changes again: the program conducted by Adriana Volpe on Tv8 after Easter will halve, and will go on air, again from Monday to Friday, for only two hours compared to the current four, starting as usual from 9.45am.

On her Instagram profile, the presenter announced the news of the morning show, updating fans on the changes to the program: "I am happy to give you the news that, after the epic feat of these nine months of four hours of daily live broadcast, Every Morning from large container turns into format! We will be live for two hours and will be full of content, with the same lightness and quality as always ".

In January, the TV8 broadcast had already undergone some changes: it had changed its editorial line, focusing more on entertainment than on information. In fact, only Adriana Volpe remained at the helm of the program, while Alessio Viola, who led the program together with her colleague until December, took another path. A new project is in the works for him in prime time, which should start soon on the same network.

Every morning has focused more on stories than news, and over the months it has earned the former hyena Cristiano Pasca, who tells the news in an irreverent way, and the web expert Lorenzo Farina, who opens a window every day on the social world. Next to the Fox then there is also Giovanni Ciacci with his inevitable report cards.

The innovations introduced so far, however, seem not to have produced the desired results: according to what was announced by TvBlog it seems that the morning show continues to record unsatisfactory ratings, and that it could even close in June, concluding the season, without renewing the project for the year to to come.

Despite this Adriana Volpe is very much loved, as evidenced by the comments of her fans on Instagram, always ready to support her and show her their affection. The fate of Every Morning is uncertain but the presenter has always wanted to aim higher, as she revealed to Corriere: "I consider myself a marathon runner: I started my career as a conductor at dawn, with Mattino in the family, then I landed at noon with noon in the family, now I go on the air for four hours, until the early afternoon … quatta-quatta, when I'm older in age, maybe I'll get to early evening … hoping not to be too parched ".

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