Every morning, Tommaso Zorzi in love with Alex Di Giorgio: indiscretion

Every morning, Tommaso Zorzi in love with Alex Di Giorgio: indiscretion

Is Tommaso Zorzi in love with Alex Di Giorgio? The indiscretion was launched by the journalist Sandro Pirrotta at Every Morning.

Is Tommaso Zorzi in love? Success is uphill for him: it is a truly golden moment. After winning the Big Brother VIP, supported by the public from home, who suffered his irreverent charm, he was also called among the top commentators of the Island of the Famous 2021, in which he is giving his best.

For him, however, there is also a new and magnificent working scenario: Punto Z, his first TV show, entirely hosted by him. Who is Tommaso Zorzi in love with? Are you with anyone currently? The gossip was launched by Sandro Pirrotta, guest of Adriana Volpe at Every Morning. After an interesting chat, Pirrotta wanted to spend a few words for Tommaso.

"Love? Who knows. A heart? Certainly. It concerns the character of the moment, which is Tommaso Zorzi. You know he has a friend, he's doing so many beautiful things on television. " Undoubtedly, things are going well for him and we hope he continues for the best: his Point Z is getting a good response.

“You must know that Alfonso Signorini, when he was in the house of Big Brother Vip, had promised him a surprise. He had peeked at Tommaso's Instagram profile a bit and saw that he always liked a beautiful swimmer, Alex Di Giorgio. "

Is he the name of the person who won Zorzi's heart? Pirrotta continues his revelation: "Alfonso wanted him to enter the house, then the question slipped." Speaking with La Volpe, Pirrotta adds: “You must know that my Saint tells me that Tommaso and Alex have finally managed to drink this famous glass of wine. They met in Milan. "

La Volpe admits to following Zorzi on Social Networks, but not having seen anything about the two. “Neither a post nor a story”, underlines Pirrotta. "Why didn't they want to witness this meeting?" In fact, Zorzi loves to share every aspect of his life with his followers.

"From breakfast to a book, to a visit to a friend … instead, for Alex, nothing. Is there something underneath? Maybe we'll find out in the next few weeks. " In addition to professional successes, Tommaso would also deserve a little love now. And who knows that in Alex Di Giorgio he has not found his ideal companion.

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