Every morning, you listen to flop: Adriana Volpe speaks

Adriana Volpe

Adriana Volpe does not hold back and responds to those who talk about flop plays for the show "Every Morning"

At Adriana Volpe's house: total white and precious details

Adriana Volpe comments on the ratings of Every Morning and responds to those who talk about the flop. The showgirl after the end of the GF Vip has given a change to her career by throwing herself into a new adventure. Together with Alessio Viola he agreed to lead the daily container broadcast on TV8. A great challenge that the presenter has taken up with enthusiasm. Since the first episodes, however, there has been no lack of criticism and now that the show has reached episode number 100 someone has started talking about the flop.

To celebrate the 100th episode of Every Morning, Adriana Volpe published a post on Instagram. “We have reached 100 episodes thanks to you – he wrote -. I also want to thank all my team: Alessio, the authors, director, editorial staff, tailoring, make-up department, operators, editors, engineers, correspondents and all those who give me a smile before the live broadcast. A special thanks to Marco Profeta who left with me on this adventure, moving away from Rome and his studio… for me… for Friendship the one with a capital A ”.

Among the many enthusiastic comments also those of a follower who spoke of "disastrous ratings". Adriana Volpe did not hold back and promptly replied: “We will do the math when the network has finished switching frequencies. There are many areas where they won't see us unless they retune the channel. We do the math in June. There we will receive the report cards ". The presenter in fact highlighted a problem that could have influenced the audience: the difficulties in terms of channel transmission. The frequencies of Tv8, Cielo and Sky Tg24 have in fact been modified, for this reason the re-tuning of the TV is required to see these channels.

Every morning started on June 30th and aired from Monday to Friday in the time slot from 9.45 to 12 and from 12.35 to 14. In the first days of programming it had registered about 100 thousand spectators and a 1% share in the last few weeks ratings would probably have dropped further, as La Volpe explained, due to frequency problems. In fact, the showgirl is positive, certain that she has given her best and only in June will it be possible to understand whether viewers have rewarded her commitment or not.

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