Every zodiac sign has a personality disorder, find out yours

Every zodiac sign has a personality disorder, find out yours

The stars reveal to us what is the personality disorder that afflicts each zodiac sign. Do you already know yours?

THE personality disorders they are behaviors that are markedly different from the nature of the person who manifests them. It is as if something takes possession of the individual, altering his personality. Each of us is afflicted by these disorders, for some they are more pronounced while others manage them better, but each of us has his dark side.

personality disorders signs

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When personality disorder occurs, the ways of reacting to perceiving something or relating to others are different than usual. The stars know what ailment afflicts each sign and are ready to reveal everything to us.

Here is the personality disorder of each zodiac sign


The Aries native is very confident in himself and feels like a leader. He often manifests his need to dominate. His personality is strong and he likes to brag about his accomplishments. His worst personality disorder isaggression. They have an explosive personality and are impulsive. They don’t control their emotions and end up having exasperated behavior that they often regret.


The sign of Taurus is empathetic, selfless and understanding. They are usually responsible and great at managing their finances. Their worst ailment is there stubbornness. When they make a decision they get stuck and nothing and nobody can dissuade them, so much so that they have obsessive-compulsive behavior.

personality disorders signs

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Gemini is a sociable, nice and cheerful sign. In the company of a twins it is impossible to get bored. Sharp and intelligent they know how to persuade others to do what they want. Their disorder concerns their need to always have someone by their side, they can’t stand being alone so much that they develop real emotional addictions.


Cancerians are sensitive and have an unconditional love for their family. They are strong and determined and are very loyal to their partner but woe to disappoint them and betray them. When they are wronged they become toxic, their words and their actions are so explosive as to trigger the feeling of having turned everyone against and hence his paranoid personality disorder.


Leo is the brightest sign of the zodiac. Passionate, creative and successful, Leo combines his charisma with his determination and collects successes in everything he does, from career to private life. They feel better than others, they have an immense ego, they feel like undisputed kings of the world so much that they lead to a narcissistic personality disorder.


The Virgo sign is diligent, methodical and precise. They have a gentle soul and experience the pains of the people around them, amplifying them. They suffer from borderline personality disorder, they are kind but when they get angry they become ruthless.


Libra are usually convivial and well-mannered. She spends her life seeking balance in his life, in conflicts she is impartial and craves calm and peace in his life. Calm, friendly, and patient they are also exaggeratedly selfless enough to manifest a personality disorder self harming! In the end, to ensure the well-being of the people he loves, he forgets even the well-being of himself.


Scorpio is mysterious and withdrawn to the point of appearing selfish and dark. This sign is governed by a strong passion and when he falls in love he is very faithful. When Scorpio does not feel comfortable with certain people, he tends to become estranged enough to develop a avoidant disorder of personality.


You will not meet a selfless and positive person like a Sagittarius. Natives of this sign have contagious optimism. They are very attracted to risk. Sagittarius may come to risk everything because of his temperament. They hate all forms of abuse and injustice and fight in defense of the weakest until they develop an antisocial personality disorder due to its high degree of rebellion.


Capricorn is a hard worker. Professionally, nobody beats them. Work occupies the first place in their life and they are not only hardworking but also responsible and disciplined. Often they occupy the position of leader or team leader because they are obsessed with the correct functioning of everything and have an impeccable team management. Capricorn works hard because he cares about his financial well-being and all of his sacrifices also serve to ensure that his family is not lacking for anything. On the other hand, Capricorn is an excessively stubborn sign and his obsession with perfection often becomes compulsive enough to generate a perfectionism disorder.


Anyone who knows an Aquarius knows how extroverted and original this sign is. Virtually impossible to code, natives of this sign are avant-garde and progressive. They are usually very kind and can’t stand conflict. They raise their voices only in case of need and cannot bear to be dominated. The gold being eccentric results in alterations in thinking and perceptions which leads to a called personality disorder schizotypal disorder.


Pisces are fantasists and great dreamers. With their heads in the clouds they struggle to keep their feet on the ground. Very sensitive people suffer from mood swings that make them appear bipolar. Unpredictable and not in a good way, they are obsessed with what others think of them enough to develop a histrionic personality disorder.

Astrology is a pseudo science and has no scientific basis so feel free to believe these predictions or not.

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