Everyone to the sea: costumes trends 2020

Everyone to the sea: costumes trends 2020

Here's what awaits us on the beach in terms of swimwear!

The swimwear season has finally arrived! What are the trends of this summer? And how can we go about declining them best on our physiognomy? Here are some ideas for you not to be found unprepared even on the beach!

Costume trends 2020: navy

The marine style is a summer must-have: white and blue, white blue and red, but also blue and gold details, a bit like uniforms. Michael Kors has brought a whole on the catwalk complete with small golden anchors and matching blazers and bags: I find it super!

Michael Kors Collection Spring 2020 – Source Getty Images

Costumes trends 2020: stripes and long dresses

The long dress is chic both on the beach and outside, if you then wear it over a striped costume we can only be in super summer trend! What color to choose it? A multicolor costume will be perfect. Remember, the vertical lines lengthen the figure, the horizontal ones widen it: keep it in mind when choosing!

Missoni – Milan Fashion Week – Source Getty Images

Costume trends 2020: earthy shades

Ocher, burgundy, brown, beige, green: all shades of earth and sand this summer will be perfect, even combined together, as on the Dior catwalk. These are insidious colors: make sure to choose them according to your undertone so that they make you stand out. I recommend: XXL glasses for a real diva touch, even on the beach.

Christian Dior – Runway Spring / Summer 2020 – Source Getty Images

Costumes trends 2020: patterns

Whether it's two pieces or one piece, the patterned bikini will work great! Pair it with colorful accessories: hat, beach backpack, but also slippers or flip flops. A suggestion: wide fantasies tend to widen and widen. If you have an important breast or soft hips, therefore, prefer micro-patterns or solid colors.

Agnes B. – Runway Spring / Summer 2020 – Source Getty Images

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