Everything you want to know about diapers and what they contain

Everything you want to know about diapers and what they contain

What do diapers contain? There are two types of diapers on the market, those that are biodegradable and those with a standard panty. Let's see how they are composed

What do our children's diapers contain? Surely this is a question that every mother has asked herself at least once in her life. We try to investigate this delicate issue. There are two large types of diapers: biodegradable and disposable ones and panty ones. The biodegradable disposable diapers are made with cellulose wadding, polylactic acid and corn starch. Let's analyze these elements. Cellulose wadding is the main element that has the function of absorbing liquids; it is treated using techniques that do not contain chlorine and no type of optical brightener.

This element comes from renewable forests that are certified following the highest sustainability standards. Polylactic acid, better known as PLA, serves to create another absorption layer under cellulose wadding. This element is also created using renewable resources, such as vegetable starches. The cornstarch contained within the disposable biodegradable diapers is used to prevent the leakage of liquids. Most of these diapers are created without the use of allergens, perfumes or other elements that could be irritating to the sensitive skin of the newborn.

The decorations found on the diaper surface are made using vegetable inks. The only point against this kind of diapers is the scarce diffusion. In fact, most of these diapers are sold online or on foreign sites. The disposable panty diaper, the most common sold in stores, is made with a cellulose wadding that is often chemically treated with substances such as chlorine. Furthermore, the substrate used to avoid the leakage of pee is made with super-absorbent sodium polyacrylate granules.

Finally, traces of tin tributyl, a substance known for its toxicity, have been found in most diaper brands. Experts are in favor of biodegradable disposable diapers, as they have a low environmental impact and are not harmful to children. Furthermore, the elements that are used for the creation of these diapers are chosen following precise guidelines, so as to avoid problems of allergy, dermatitis or redness in the child.

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