Exam of the eighth grade and students with SLD

Exam of the eighth grade and students with SLD

This year the final state exam of the first cycle of education will consist of a single oral exam.

Exam of the eighth grade and students with SLD. This year, the final state exam of the first cycle of education will consist of a single oral exam, in which students will present their paper. But what is foreseen for students with SLD?

What is the paper on which the oral exam is based?

The paper will be assigned by the Class Council to each student by 7 May. It might be:

  • a written text;
  • also a multimedia presentation;
  • a map or set of maps;
  • a movie;
  • an artistic or technical-practical or instrumental production for pupils attending musical courses.

Each child will have until June 7 to present it to the commission and it will be from the discussion of the paper that the oral exam of the eighth grade exam will start.

The choice of the theme of the paper

It will be the Class Council that will attribute to each student the topic on which to develop the paper, taking into account the personal characteristics of the individual. This clarification becomes even more important for students with Specific Learning Disorders. In this case, the Personalized Didactic Plan (PDP) will prevail, in which all the compensatory instruments and dispensatory measures that the boy or girl can use are indicated.

The paper must be an original product consistent with the assigned theme and may involve one or more subjects: the pupil will decide the form he deems most appropriate and will be supported in the choice by the teachers, who will follow each child individually.

Tips for preparing the paper

The paper will be the result of a research work that can be conducted using paper sources, such as books, periodicals and encyclopedias, online, exploiting the large amount and variety of resources made available by the Internet, and also through interviews with competent people in matter.

In the phase of collecting the material, therefore, it is important to be clear what to look for and how to look for it in order not to get lost in an infinity of results that may not be relevant to the objective of the research. This is why Redooc wanted to reveal some tricks for an effective online search: learn how to use search engines and check the reliability of sources by staying away from fake news. For those who prefer to rely on the interview, there is a lesson on Redooc to better prepare themselves, following the example of the great journalists of history.

Once the useful information has been selected and organized in a logical and coherent way, perhaps with the help of a mind map, it is necessary to focus on the realization of the paper and finally on the presentation, choosing the form of the paper and preparing for the oral presentation in front of it. to the commission.

Here you will find suggestions and concrete examples that can guide students in building their own paper for the eighth grade exam.

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