Exercises to lose weight at home

Exercises to lose weight at home

The home weight loss exercises cover the entire surface of the human body and allow you to feel toned and energetic. Here's what to do

The exercises to lose weight at home and burn excess fat range from pilates, useful for toning and stretching the muscles, go for various types of dancing and end with the exercises for table gymnastics. It is, therefore, a way to tone your body, without excessive requests for additional materials (often a mat, a table and 2 small dumbbells of 2 kg each are enough). Certainly, however, the best way to burn off too many calories and eliminate excess fats through sweating is running. If you have an exercise bike to ride at home, it would be great. Alternatively, you can use a simple step, – a small synthetic step, – on which to do your movement exercises. In particular, they are made following a precise procedure from which one must not deviate.

Climb with the left foot on the step. Then you also go up with the right. Go down with the left and go down with the right. During the practice of this exercise, the posture must be straight, the head must look forward, in no case should the back bend or look down. At the beginning you have to get carried away, but after all it will be automated. The step must be properly fixed to the ground. It must not move or move during the execution of the exercises. The rhythm must be adjusted according to what the person's needs are. At the beginning you shouldn't run too much and, in general, you should approach fitness exercises calmly. Otherwise, the only thing that can be done will be quite a trauma. We recommend doing this exercise, which is also a useful cardio workout, for about 10 minutes.

As you proceed with the exercises to lose weight at home, the rhythm of the exercises with the step must be gradually increased. Here too, however, the rope should not be pulled too tight. The first step cardio workout allows you to burn about 50 cal. By doing this exercise for an hour without straining too much, you will be able to burn about 300 cal. After preparing the body for training, you can move on to stretching. The leg muscles are still warm and therefore it is best to start stretching them as much as possible. This will tone them up, making them more resistant to stress. To start, just put your legs apart at shoulder height, lower your torso and touch your heels with your hands.

The duration of the stretching exercises varies according to the person's abilities. There are other exercises to stretch the muscles of the legs and arms (for example, the famous Christmas tree: you get up on the tips of your feet pulling yourself upwards). Once the person has finished, they can move on to the next workout by training their legs. In this phase you can do the front and rear lunges, with the use of 2 2 kg dumbbells. Dumbbells are tight in the fists; the arms should not be stretched, but relaxed. The practitioner must take a deep step back with one leg. When this reaches a good distance, bend the knee until it touches the ground and go up again immediately. The same is also done with the other leg. So about 10 times for each leg. About 4 sets are recommended.

The position of the back must be straight. The same can be done in reverse, that is: taking a deep step forward, perhaps on the step, and then withdrawing the knee towards you until you touch your chest. Here too about 10 reps per leg for 4 sets (therefore for a total of 40 reps). Between training series there must always be a break of about 1 minute. Squats can also be done for the legs: we take the dumbbells, always in the relaxed arms, and we go down to form a 90 ° angle between the lower and upper legs. Then go back. It would be great to make about 15 for 3 sets. To tone the lower leg, you can make saltini.

Without the rope and without the dumbbells, one leg bends and small jumps are started on the other. You shouldn't try too hard. Depending on the person's possibilities, 3 sets of variable repetitions for each leg are to be made. At home you can also do exercises for the abdominals (low, lateral, medium and high) and for the muscles of the arms. To do the abs you need a special mat to use. For the arms, however, in addition to the dumbbells, you can do push-ups: straight hands at shoulder height and elbow bends with the head and gaze directed forward (and not downwards). Among the exercises to lose weight at home, aerobics on a musical basis stands out, which helps to burn calories and lose weight. In any case, it is always important to stick to an adequate diet.

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