Exercises to slim and tone the arms

Exercises to slim and tone the arms

How to slim, tone and strengthen your arms through simple exercises to do at home


  • The importance of toning the arms
  • Exercises to do at home for the arms

The importance of toning the arms

The tone of the arms is very important and is certainly obtained and maintained with movement but also with the right protein intake at the table. Skin aging, lack of exercise, cervical problems, poor posture, rapid weight loss and sudden weight gains, thyroid disorders, generic hormonal problems are all factors that affect the health of the arms by generating that famous "curtain effect" ( the weighted triceps). Vitamin deficiencies also contribute to worsening the situation of the arms, as well as poor hydration. Excessive smoking and alcohol does not help the condition of the arms. Excessive exposure to the sun also risks creating significant oxidative stress.

Taking care of the arms also means being able to massage them, with circular movements that help all the tissues. Having too thin arms does not help the whole structure and ends up creating problems with the rotator cuff and the organic complex of the shoulder. Weak arms expose you to injuries and accidents, muscle strains, strains, while strong arms, in harmony with the muscle groups of the shoulders and back, allow you to restore posture and also improve aesthetically. If you strengthen your arms in the right way, you will also get benefits with regard to daily life, you can better manage weights, shopping bags and… you embrace with strength and warmth.

Exercises to do at home for the arms

Let's see together 5 useful exercises for the arms, studying their execution well so that they can be done comfortably at home.

Race on the spot

Even 5 minutes of running on the spot are enough to burn calories and go active in firming. Obviously, to burn them in an important way it would be necessary to reach 30 or 40 minutes, but even just going for a little jog on the spot and extending it as desired, you can feel what and how you want to firm up, even if only going to perceive – without judging – what " dance ”, which are too weak muscles and heavy areas.

Shoulder rotations

From the standing position, the legs open when the shoulders, feet firmly and the abdomen active, extend the arms to the sides and rotate the arms for 30 seconds in one direction and 30 seconds in another. The held abdomen does not swing the body too much and this type of exercise allows you to tone the whole upper body and warm the back and torso muscles to go and do other executions later, such as plank or jumping jacks. Also great to do this exercise with a weight kit.

Jumping jack

The body standing upright, the feet active and the long arms close to the body. You start jumping by opening your legs outwards and simultaneously closing them while bringing your arms down again. The gesture must be agile, controlled, powerful and precise. You must maintain control of the movement all the time and manage your arms well, keeping them active and not too soft, allows you to fortify them a lot.

Dips on the chair (Bench dip)

Chair behind the sacrum and hands on the seat extended backwards, with the thumbs pointing towards the body, the other fingers are on the edge. The heels are on the ground and the legs open to the width of the pelvis, the back straight. Descend by flexing the arms and re-extend upwards, with the idea of ​​bringing the pelvis down. It is perfectly fine to start with 3 series of 8 or 10 repetitions each, with a recovery of at least 20 seconds between one series and the next.


Elbows on the ground and legs extended back. The pelvis is raised, keeping the feet on the ground and activating the abdomen well, keeping the back straight and the neck in line, without giving way from the shoulders and neck. From 30 seconds you go to progress by increasing the duration of holding the position. All the muscular districts of the abdomen, the paravertebral muscles and the buttocks work simultaneously, together with the leg muscles and, if desired, you can add bends.

How many times a week to exercise your arms

Training the arms 2 times a week allows you to maintain an excellent tone and oxygenate the whole body, also combining a type of work that within the week goes to strengthen other areas. Obviously, if you want to get a tone quickly, we recommend using weights. In this way the basal metabolic rate works quickly and fat is burned quickly, always taking great care to maintain the right posture.

In addition to weights, kettlebells, widely used in crossfit and circuit training, are excellent tools but you need to know the executions well to avoid damaging your back. A gradual and constant work allows to obtain results and is then accompanied by a maintenance studied on the person based on experience and personal data. Last factor, very important: stretching. If, after training, the muscle groups do not stretch, there is a risk of contractures and hypertrophy. It stretches by following every movement with the breath and this allows you to develop the muscles in a truly harmonious way.

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