Extension: everything you need to know

Extension: everything you need to know

Extensions are the secret to a thick and voluminous hair. Here are the ways of application and how to take care of them, in short, all you need to know for a star hair

The secret of the stars for thick and long hair? The extensions. Surely you happened to admire the magnificent hair that the stars show off on the various red carpets and, although all the famous people are followed by a team of hairdressers and hairdressers and have the most exclusive hair care products available, the extensions are the fundamental factor to achieve the look.

Have you ever noticed that some celebrities wear short or medium looks and after a very short time they appear in public with very long hair? The secret, even in this case, are the extensions, certainly not products of miraculous growth.

The extensions are not only the prerogative of the stars, in fact they can be a solution for everyone to get a full and voluminous hair or to change from short to long look in the blink of an eye. If in the past the effect of the extension could seem rather fake, today things have changed and the result can be natural. Furthermore, there are different solutions that adapt to the most diverse needs: here are the three main ways of applying extensions.

Extension with keratin

Hair extensions with keratin are the most used solution by hairdressers because they guarantee a natural, invisible result of longer duration. In fact, extensions with keratin represent a permanent solution that can last up to 5 months. The cost of this treatment is certainly not the cheapest, in fact the price is around € 400.

The extension locks are attached to natural hair thanks to the keratin that, when heated, acts as a glue. The locks are applied to the hair root and thanks to a sort of special plate that heats the keratin at their ends and fixes the extensions.

The only disadvantage of this application is that the extension strands may choke and weaken the hair due to weight. Furthermore, not being well oxygenated, the hair can tend to become more fragile and break more easily.

Extension micro ring

The micro ring extensions last about a month and are applied to the base of the hair thanks to small rings. These little rings gradually descend due to the natural growth of the hair: if you want to keep them, you just need to go back to the hairdresser who will open the rings and take the extensions back to their place.

This application method has a lower cost than keratin extensions but requires more visits to the hairdresser.

Extension with clip

Clip extensions are the perfect solution if you love to change your look and hairstyle often. In fact these represent a temporary solution, thanks to the clip that allows you to detach and reattach the locks when necessary.

Just a little practice to be able to best apply these extensions and camouflage them in the best way among your natural hair, be careful because in this case running into a not very natural result is very simple. This solution is certainly the most economical.

Extension: how to take care of it

To make your extensions last as long as possible, it is necessary to take care of them as correctly as possible. The key word in this case is delicacy: be gentle when you brush the extensions to avoid not only hurting yourself but also breaking them. Also avoid brushing the entire length of the strand with just one pass, better to hold them firmly in your hand and comb them from about half to the end.

Be gentle even when washing your hair: better to avoid washing upside down and massage the shampoo without using too much vigor. In the case of keratin extensions, the hair should not be washed too often to avoid weakening the glue. If you have particularly fat hair, you can use dry shampoo to lengthen the time between shampoos.

Once your hair is washed it is important not to let it dry naturally so as not to create a discrepancy between your natural hair and extensions. Hold the hair dryer and put it in the fold: the process takes time but the wow effect is guaranteed!

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