Eye brushes: the 5 must-haves to have in beauty

Eye brushes: the 5 must-haves to have in beauty

You don’t need many brushes to create a great makeup: here are 5 eye brushes to insert in your beauty to create any makeup

There are those who use a lot of brushes, those who prefer to wear make-up with their fingers and those who absolutely don’t know where to start, how to use the brushes and how many. Here is a brief guide to eye brushes: 5 must-haves to be included in your beauty and a joker that can be useful to you but which, despite being one of the most classic and easy-to-use brushes, is not one of the “obligatory” ones to have.


  • The wide blending brush, for smoky eyes and smokey looks
  • A small blending brush, prefect for the crease of the eye
  • For eyebrows and eyeliner, to have the diagonal flat brush
  • An unexpected brush: the pen brush
  • The short multi-purpose flat brush
  • The extra brush: the wide flat brush for the mobile eyelid

The wide blending brush, for smoky eyes and smokey looks

One of the most useful brushes for making quick and easy makeup is undoubtedly the wide blending brush. Soft, with many long bristles, it is perfect for applying color in a soft way, even on the entire eyelid. For example, try to use a medium brown eyeshadow, pick it up with the brush by beating it to make the excess powder fall and then pass it on the mobile eyelid until just above the crease.

You will notice how easy it is to create a makeup really in a few seconds, a soft and delicate makeup precisely because the color is not applied by dabbing it and is deposited less on the skin. By applying the color several times you will instead create a sort of light and very nuanced smokey eyes. In this way it is difficult to make a stain and above all you can make nuanced make-up, very fast monochromatic make-up and still give intensity to the eye. Not only that, the wide blending brushes are also perfect for lightening eye makeup. If by chance you have applied a lot of color on the mobile eyelid, you can blend with a light color or powder or just with the brush all the edges of the makeup to obtain perfect shades and a very smooth transition with the skin.

Luvia Brush Soft Blender E328

Luvia Brush Soft Blender E328. Price: € 6.45 on Lookfantastic.it

A small blending brush, prefect for the crease of the eye

In addition to a large blending brush, it is advisable to include a small blending brush of reduced dimensions in the beauty salon. It will be useful if you do not have a very wide eye but, above all, to define the crease of the eye with transition colors or to blend more shades, in order to have a tone-on-tone gradation, to create more elaborate and complex tricks.

For all the more precision shades, in smaller areas or if you have a small eye, then this brush is ideal and indeed, it would be better to have at least a couple of them, one for darker colors and one for lighter ones and delicate. In general, however, blending brushes are more suitable for applying opaque colors because by applying metallic or glitter eyeshadows the pearls would tend to fall on the face and above all to dissolve too much, thus losing all their reflective effect.

Morphe Brushes M562 Tiny Crease Blender Brush

Morphe Brushes M562 Tiny Crease Blender Brush. Prezzo: 6,99€ su Douglas.it

For eyebrows and eyeliner, to have the diagonal flat brush

The third brush that cannot be missing in your collection is an angled and flat brush. It is really a wild card because given its small size it lends itself to multiple uses. Meanwhile, it is perfect for applying both gel and liquid eyeliner but also for applying the pencil precisely. Smudge the eyeliner or pencil brush, place it on the lash line and, without pulling the eye, color the lash line and stretch the eyeliner outwards as far as you want.

eyeliner eye makeup brushes

If you want to create a more nuanced and soft eyeliner, after creating the structure with the pencil, fix it with eye shadows. In this way you can create eyeliner with practically any color and, in this case, you can also dab glitter or metallic eyeshadows. If, on the other hand, you want to opt for a more natural makeup but give definition to the eye and make the eyelashes appear thicker and black, do a simple soaked makeup. Apply the pencil only to the lash line and between them, without bringing the color up, then blend gently to make everything more homogeneous.

Not just eyeliner and graphic makeup with the flat angled brush – it’s also perfect for eyebrow makeup. If you prefer to define them in a more natural way, choose an eyeshadow of the same color as your eyebrows and apply a very small amount of it with this brush. If, on the other hand, you love full and defined eyebrows, opt for eyebrow creams or gels, to be applied with a flat angled brush with which you can recreate a truly natural “hair by hair” effect.

Mesauda Milano E08 Eyeliner Definer

Mesauda Milano E08 Eyeliner Definer. Price: € 5.00 on Pinalli.it

An unexpected brush: the pen brush

The pen brush is often overlooked but it is a wildcard brush that can be useful in many circumstances. First of all, it has the perfect size to create the light point at the inner corner of the eye or under the eyebrow arch, so as to be precise and not risk ruining the whole shade. However, it is also an excellent brush to intensify the outer corner with a darker color, to give more intensity and three-dimensionality to the make-up.

Not only that, the pen brush is also perfect for blending eyeshadow or pencil under the eye if you like intense shades even in that area, maybe if you are a lover of smokey eyes or dark and more constructed tricks. Alternatively, you can use it to create a sort of very shaded eyeliner, but be careful not to apply too much color towards the outside, so as not to end up with a line that is too thick and round on the finish.

Mulac Cosmetics Eye Brush Pen Brush 10

Mulac Cosmetics Eye Brush Pen Brush 10. Price: € 12.90 on Pinalli.it

The short multi-purpose flat brush

A small flat brush is a real must have: perfect for finishing any make-up and creating very controlled shades, it can never be missing. Choose it if you like very shaded eyeliner but not large, use it to blend the pencil at the lash line, blending it upwards not to make too much detachment with the skin but also to blend under the eye. Its small size and the fact that it has short bristles make it really useful for precision blending jobs, once in your beauty case you will surely find many different ways to use it and it will often come in handy.

Mesauda Milano E06 Small Eye Shader

Mesauda Milano E06 Small Eye Shader. Price: € 5.50 on Pinalli.it

The extra brush: the wide flat brush for the mobile eyelid

The joker brush is actually one of the most classic brushes when doing makeup, which is a flat brush. It is great for applying eyeshadows by dabbing them on the mobile eyelid to make the color full, intense and vibrant. This is its main use but, in reality, it performs the same task that a finger could do. With the difference that the finger picks up more color which, thanks to the pressure exerted, makes it fuller and more lively.

The difference is especially noticeable with metallic, glitter or shimmer eyeshadows. Try applying them on one eye with the brush and on the other with your finger: you will notice how the side where you have applied the eyeshadow with your finger will be much more intense, shiny and the pearls will be much more reflective. However, if you prefer to use only brushes, he will be your best friend to apply any type of eyeshadow on the mobile eyelid.

Fenty Beauty All-Over Eyeshadow Brush 200

Fenty Beauty All-Over Eyeshadow Brush 200. Prezzo: 23,50€ su Sephora.it

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