Eye lift make-up for droopy eyelids: the very useful secret after the age of 40!

Eye lift make-up for droopy eyelids: the very useful secret after the age of 40!

Dropping eyelid makeup can be a problem, especially after the age of 40, but eye lift makeup solves the situation. Learning how to make it happen will truly be a drastic change (and for the better!)

Many women who have a hard time doing very blended eye makeup don’t actually know they have it drooping eyelid.

Eye lift drooping eyelid makeup


It is a kind of eyelid deeply folded in on itself, which then leaves very little space between the upper lash line and the crease of the eyelid.

When you have so little space available it inevitably happens that gradient makeup you become rather complex to realize.

But unfortunately soft and very nuanced make-up in neutral tones and the absolute top for eye makeup after 40 years.

In fact, this type of make-up helps minimize small defects in the skin around the eyes like the first crow’s feet lines and the wrinkles of the eyelid.

How can this be achieved with so little space available?

All the secrets to achieving an eye lift on a droopy eyelid

As the name suggests, the drooping eyelid makes the gaze take on a descending trend, as if the eyes were always closed and a little depressed.

lifting eye makeup


It is not exactly the best, especially if we have very large eyes, which make this downward trend of the upper eyelid very evident.

The best way to correct this type of conformation is create an eye lift make-up, that is, capable of lift the outer corner of the eye giving the impression that the gaze is more open and younger.

This make up is done using the same reference lines as those used for the eyebrows.

In particular, it is essential to follow the imaginary line connecting the side of the nose to the outer corner of the eye.

Along that line, in the segment that connects the corner of the eye to the eyebrow, the “lift effect” must be carefully created.

To do this, just use a tissue or plastic card (such as supermarket cards or credit cards). Using their profile as a reference you can draw one very precise line along which to apply the eyeshadow.

The ideal is not to deviate too much from the crease of the eyelid, exceeding it upwards by only a few millimeters.

After applying the desired color I know it will have to blend towards the inside of the eye with a small brush, taking care of also in this case overcome the crease of the eyelid, but only a few millimeters.

To make a perfect shade, uniform and like a true professional, here we have revealed the infallible technique.

If for some reason the oblique shade has smudged or is not precise enough, it can be easily corrected by applying a very small amount of concealer with a flat brush.

As for the classic “tail” to be made to lengthen the eye and give depth to the look, it is always better to use one soft pencil instead of eyeliner!

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