Eye patches: the best to say goodbye to bags and dark circles

Eye patches: the best to say goodbye to bags and dark circles

A fresh and rested look is the first step for an error-free make-up and, to do so, the eye patches are a valid ally that should not be underestimated

Have you ever tried eye patches? Whether they are disposable or in reusable gels, these skincare treatments are a must have to say goodbye to bags and dark circles. Real intensive treatments that will allow your gaze to regain that brightness that, due to fatigue and stress, was now lost.

Whether you have a tired look from too much work stress or a genetic condition, these mini eye area masks will save your skin (and maybe your life). You will love them.

When to use them?

Eye patches: when to use them

Understanding how and when to use eye patches is a first step. First of all it is good to know that there are different types: in disposable fabric, in disposable gel, in reusable gels and, of course, also the do-it-yourself ones (to be easily replicated at home).

These patches, usually in the shape of a half moon, are to be applied in the area of ​​bags and dark circles and, based on their formulation, can have different functions: draining, lightening, illuminating, anti-fatigue and more.

To be applied during the usual evening routine, the eye patches can be used after cleansing and together with a face mask. In this way it will be possible to carve out a small moment of beauty relaxation where you can unplug, listen to a music podcast and find a few moments of peace.

Obviously they can be used at all times of the day and, especially those in gels, they can also be worn during work on the PC or a video call with friends, but our advice is to use them in the evening. In this way it will be possible to enjoy this treatment lying in bed or on the sofa and with the head slightly raised, thus facilitating blood flow and increasing the decongestant power of the patches in the eye area.

After the exposure time (usually 15/20 minutes) it will be enough to proceed with the skincare ritual according to your skin type. Obviously, not to forget, also the usual eye contour product, to be applied by tapping with the ring finger so as not to apply too much pressure.

The best patches to have and try

To reduce bags and dark circles it is essential to try the best eye patches available and, among the various formulations and types, the choice is truly endless. To help you we have tried to select the must haves to add to your calendar dedicated to skincare and beauty routine.


klorane eye patch

For those looking for anti-fatigue eye patches, you could try the combination of BIO cornflower and hyaluronic acid (perfect even for the driest skin) designed by Klorane. These mini masks are ideal for smoothing small wrinkles and deflating the eyes, thus lightening the look and making it much more rested. To be applied after cleansing for 15 minutes and, after removing them, lightly tapping the excess product to make it absorb better. The soothing action of the BIO Cornflower floral water will give relief to even the most tired eyes.


pixi eye patch

Hydrogel patches are useful and very pleasant to wear and, for this reason, they are increasingly present on the market. Like PIXI's FortifEYE Eye Patches, a series of eye contour patches with a lifting and firming effect that, once applied, release essential nutrients to repair, plump and regenerate the eye contour. Thanks to vegetable collagen, peptides and caffeine. After application, the eye contour will be immediately healthier and hydrated.


Three actions in one product: anti-dark circles, anti-puffiness, anti-wrinkle. Filorga's OPTIM-EYES PATCH are a perfect treatment both for those looking for a shock treatment to use when needed, and for those who want to work in the eye contour area in a more targeted manner following a weekly routine. The active ingredients contained within them, in addition to decongesting swollen eyes, will also lighten dark circles thanks to polysaccharides and vitamin PP.


Orange juice and hyaluronic acid: these are the two main ingredients of Garnier's Anti Fatigue Eye Mask. Perfect for the most weary and tired eyes, these fabric patches are a concentrate of freshness that will give, immediately after application, a toned, rested and luminous eye contour. The ideal product after a day of video calls in front of the PC.


When it comes to beauty, it is also good to pay attention to everything related to sustainability and, for this reason, choosing reusable gel eye patches means not only choosing an ad hoc treatment for the gaze, but also decreasing the amount of waste. that are created. Apricot beauty Apricot Me, Myself & Eye can be reused up to 30 times without losing their properties thanks to the hyaluronic acid contained.


Thoroughly moisturizing the eye contour area is a step to add to your everyday routine, but inserting a weekly boost is a great choice to make your eyes look even fresher. Sephora's watermelon cellulose eye patches are a real marvel, especially for those who feel the area around the eyes always dehydrated and dry. Watermelon, in fact, is a true concentrate of water, vitamins and minerals: a must have especially in the warmer months or after a long exposure to the sun.

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