Eyebrow lamination how to: how to always have them in order for a lifted look

Eyebrow lamination how to: how to always have them in order for a lifted look

Lamination is no longer done only on the lashes, but also on the eyebrows: it gives an open, lifted and always tidy look

For some time now we have been hearing about eyelash lamination, a treatment that allows you to curl, color and thicken them. Thanks to a specific procedure, in fact, the lashes are combed and curled and then colored and restructured. Here this treatment begins to make room for the eyebrows too, to always have them in order, cared for and combed.

If you know the soap browser trend and have tried it, falling in love with it, you can't help but try the eyebrow lamination. The effect is practically the same, but instead of using soap every day to keep them styled, just perform the treatment to wake up with combed and tidy eyebrows.

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How does eyebrow lamination work?

The procedure and steps to perform eyebrow lamination are practically the same as for eyelash lamination. First of all, by combing the hair in the position in which you want to fix it, if there is a need to shorten it to make the eyebrow as symmetrical as possible. At this point, comb the eyebrows with a special gel that acts as a glue, holding them in place. Unlike eyelashes, there is no need to apply a curler and the treatment is therefore a little faster, also because in the eye area you need to pay close attention.

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Once the eyebrows have been combed upwards and outwards, proceed by applying the products to make a real perm, so that once removed they remain in place, without returning downwards. It is an excellent treatment for those with drooping eyebrows or hair that tends to ruffle downwards, because it allows you to obtain an effect of opening the eyes, without resorting to makeup. The eyebrows are then tinted, if necessary, to define them more, then it's time for keratin. This is the restructuring and healing step, which nourishes and hydrates the hair. With the passage of time and the repetition of the treatment, it helps to strengthen the eyebrows and thicken the hair, thus making them appear thicker.

Then proceed with the fixative and the treatment is finished, but it is advisable not to wash the area for at least 24 hours in order to make sure that the eyebrow lamination lasts as long as possible.

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Duration, price and how often to run it: all the important info

Eyebrow lamination is a safe treatment but, like all treatments, it is best not to sit too close together. It is advisable to carry out the treatment several times to always have them in order and because the keratin has beneficial effects, but in any case not before three or four weeks after the last session.

Although there are DIY kits, it is highly not recommended to perform these treatments alone. The risk of making a mistake is high, as is the risk of running into allergies, making a mistake in shutter speeds and, if used incorrectly, the products could cause damage and burn the hair. It is extremely dangerous to perform eyelash lamination yourself, because close to the eye, even eyebrow lamination is not without risk: it is always better to rely on your trusted beauty center, which with experience and the right means will be able to evaluate the most suitable treatment to you, as well as the shutter speed.

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The eyebrow lamination lasts from three to four weeks, gradually fading with the passing of the days, with the regrowth of the hair if you have shortened it and with the normal replacement. Obviously there are variables to take into account, such as the thickness of the hair, the condition of the skin (on an oily / greasy skin the effect will tend to last less), the products used, how often you cleanse your face and if you use makeup. . In some cases it is possible that, especially for very thick and thick hair, the lamination fails at the first stroke, resulting in a much softer effect. The treatment can be repeated, but not before 15/20 days. The price varies according to the region and the beauty center, but is between € 60 and € 80.

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