Eyebrow trend: those of the moment are Korean

Eyebrow trend: those of the moment are Korean

The new trend in terms of eyebrows are the Korean ones: straight and with a slight curve, they have conquered the stars

The trend of the moment in terms of beauty? Korean eyebrows! You return to the origins, with eyebrows with a decisive and clean line, straight, with a slight curve at the end. Beauty in fashion says enough to peculiarities and habits, choosing a trend already in vogue among Korean women, great beauty experts. The trend, which comes directly from the Fashion Week catwalks, has already conquered the stars, who have adapted, saying goodbye to the thick eyebrows of Cara Delevingne and the tapered brows by Gigi Hadid.

Moreover, we know, the world of beauty is always looking for news and trends to launch. After the glories of the last few years, between obvious gull wings and super thick eyebrows, we return to simplicity and a straight line, without particularity. To make the straight eyebrows even cleaner, the beauty experts advise that they be slightly accentuated and with a very short coat. The result is a water and soap look, which is suitable for both young and more mature women, giving freshness and delicacy to facial features.

The korean eyebrows on the other hand have the advantage of giving a few years less to those who wear them. Precisely for this reason the trend was immediately welcomed with enthusiasm by many stars. First of all Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman, but also Rihanna to Kristen Stewart, Rooney Mara and Emma Watson. The beautiful Charlotte Casiraghi and Jennifer Connelly also showed off in the last period. The imperative is to look as natural as possible, choosing straight lines "Korean alal".

Beauty experts provide advice to all women who want to try this trend. The first thing to do is shorten the eyebrows, making sure that they do not exceed the eye. Then it is necessary to thin them, cutting the hair and making them less voluminous. Finally it ends by placing the eyebrows with tweezers to make them straight with a curve that is created only in the final part and is not too pronounced.

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