Eyebrows: how to take care of them for perfect ones

In the past a little neglected, today they are in the spotlight. Whether you have thick or thin eyebrows, here are the tips to best treat them

Traditionally a little neglected, in recent years the eyebrows have become protagonists of the beauty world. It is not a novelty the success of celeb that show off them quite thick – the first one was Cara Delevingne, but not even Lily Lily and Anne Hathaway joke, to name just a few – and this renewed interest has the merit of having turned the spotlight on a part important face, because, like the eyes, it is essential to emphasize your expressiveness.

To always have them in order, it is important to know how to treat eyebrows, but first and foremost it is essential to know what shape gives you the most. Your mirror will actually give you the mirror: in general, the best form for you is the one that nature has given you. If you have big eyes, thick eyebrows give you because they are proportionate to your face, but if you have them small, better a thinner arch, which does not steal space from the eye.

If you have thick eyebrows, to cure them, start by gently combing them upwards, then thin them, removing the hairs that grow outside the arch. If, at this point, you notice more sparse areas, cover them with a specific eye shadow and with some delicate pencil strokes, choosing a color similar to that of your hair.

If your eyebrows are thinner, intervene without exaggerating and only on the hairs that grow outside the arch at the bottom. Try to maintain a natural line, without forcing. Also in this case, if there are "holes" cover them with a specific product and a pencil, but always after having disciplined and combed them.

With age, eyebrows tend to thin and weaken: support them by applying a nourishing product in the evening. A touch of almond, argan or olive oil is ideal on a cotton pad or cotton bud.

And for those who have very thin eyebrows and therefore need to draw them? In this case the practice and the quality of the products to be used are fundamental, today there are specific ones for a very natural result. The secret? Avoid drawing too-defined lines and using colors that are too dark and compact.

Start by drawing the top line with a light pencil or a cream product and a small brush, then switch to the one below and draw the hairs filling the space, but not evenly. Intervene later with a product equipped with the appropriate pipe cleaner. Move it up and out of the face by spreading the color and then complete with a few pencil strokes and, if you want, with a slightly darker eye shadow to fix the whole thing.

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