Eyes, lips, radiant and natural skin: the secrets of perfect make up. VIDEO

Eyes, lips, radiant and natural skin: the secrets of perfect make up. VIDEO

The perfect makeup by Stefano Tambolla from Urban Decay

For many of us women, makeup is an indispensable gesture. Make-up masks our defects, highlights our strengths, brightens the face, lights up the eyes and lips. In a nutshell it makes us feel more beautiful. But how can we make the most of it? A true expert on the subject explains it to Tipsforwomens readers: the talented Stefano Tambolla, National Make up Artist Urban Decay.

Hi Stefano, let's start explaining to our friends how to prepare the skin for makeup
I recommend an appropriate skincare based on the type: dry, mixed, oily. Then we start by passing on the already hydrated skin a spray with pure B6 vitamin (B6 Vitamin Preparatory Spray, ed) which reduces the redness of the cold, minimizes pores and brightens the skin. We apply the primer that will allow our makeup to last a long time. You can opt for Pore Perfecting on the T zone and Brightening & Tightening on the whole face. Now the skin is already uniform and just put on very little foundation. In this regard, I recommend not to use the flat brush but a large rounded brush full of bristles: pass the foundation with circular movements. It only takes 40 seconds. You will see that the drafting is simpler and more uniform, with no visible brush strokes. It's called air brush effect. I remind readers that our brushes are cruelty free, being Urban Decay a vegan brand.

When it comes to skin, we women are obsessed with the idea of ​​perfection and sometimes we exaggerate the amount of makeup we apply on the face.
Let's forget the plastic skin effect: we leave that to Barbie. We want an extra-natural, almost imperfect effect. We want a veil on the face, which uniforms the complexion and illuminates us, without exaggerating. The same goes for the blusher: yes to contouring yes but very light. The must is to have colorful but natural cheeks, as if we had taken a run or a lesson in the gym, so to speak.

You talked about light contouring: can you explain how to do it?
In general, three products are applied: terra, blush and illuminating. All three are present in our Naked Flushed. The first is used to create light shades, enhancing the shadows that we already have on the face. At the junction of the ear we are going to create a shadow downwards to enhance the cheekbone. Then, in case you have a slightly square face, you do the same thing on the sides of the forehead. The highlighter should be placed on the cheekbone and possibly also on the eye: it is perfect for turning on the gaze. Being very pigmented just a quick touch, you can use it in the morning when you don't have too much time to prepare. To apply the blush perfectly, spread it on your cheeks while smiling in front of the mirror. Your day will smile at you if you start it like this.

Let's move on to the eyes: what are the top colors of the moment?
Burgundy and purple hues, but it also ranges over forest green. They are important and dark colors, in line with the season.

What make-up do you offer to Tipsforwomens readers?
First of all we say that we either value the eyes more or focus on the lips. Let's start from the look. I recommend a perfect solution for both day and evening, very beautiful and easy to make: make a line on the eyelid line and blend it with your finger. This is the new trend, which replaces the overly graphic lines. If we choose bright colors, such as green, we can decline them into a smokey eyes to show off in the evening.

Eyelashes and eyebrows
Our Perversion mascara, three times blacker than black thanks to the triple pigment, with a spiral applicator that does not attack the eyelashes, volumizes, lengthens and creates a "killer" effect. For an even more beautiful effect, first pass the Subversion Lash Primer, which fortifies and volumizes. This "white mascara" applied alone in the evening, before going to bed, acts as a treatment. And for the Brow Box eyebrows: tweezers, then the eyebrows are outlined with color and fixed with wax.

VIDEO: Stefano Tambolla explains how to obtain a perfect and luminous make-up base: watch the Urban Decay Perfect Complexion tutorial (source: Sephora Italy)

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