Eyes: truccali according to their shape

Eyes: truccali according to their shape

With make-up you can correct defects and make your eye become your strength

Make-up is not an exact science: every face is special and requires special features designed for its specific features. In particular, the eyes – together with the lips – are the focus on which attention is most focused and therefore require ad hoc care. It is not only important to choose the color of the makeup, which is suitable, for example for blue or brown eyes, but also that is suitable to the shape of our eyes: the right color and product, applied where it is needed, in fact can minimize our defects and underline the qualities.

How to make up small eyes

If you have small eyes the fundamental rule is to choose in particular bright and clear colors that have the effect of making them look bigger. In your beauty you should not miss a butter-colored pencil, to be applied inside the lower lash line, and eyeshadows with light colors such as ivory, cream, peach, gold or a little warmer like bronze and dove gray. Choose warm shades to give a touch of color to the furrow between the fixed eyelid and the movable eyelid, blending outwards. A touch of mascara completes the look and helps make the eye look bigger.

How to make up close eyes

If you have close eyes, to make this feature less obvious you should try to draw attention to the outside of your eyes, detaching it from the area of ​​the root of the nose. This area, therefore, should be left rather natural: it starts from the middle of the eye by placing a pencil stroke towards the outside of the eye, extending the line a few millimeters slightly upwards. Again, complete the look with mascara.

How to make up your eyes with a drooping eyelid

If you have a drooping eyelid, your fixed eyelid covers the movable eyelid. To minimize this feature, you have to darken the fixed eyelid, blending the color upwards. Choose colors that suit your style and your complexion, but always as long as they are rather dark in order to have the effect of shrinking your "important" eyelid. For a flawless effect, leave the lower rhyme natural.

How to make prominent eyes

If your eyes are quite protruding, the trick to use is to use dark colors that tend to make the eye look smaller. Go ahead for your favorite combinations, not just black! The spring-summer season sees the great blue protagonist, but also the taupe and the brown, the important thing is to treat yourself to an accurate make-up suitable for the circumstances.

How to make up sunken eyes

If the furrow between the fixed eyelid and the mobile eyelid in your eyes is very evident, your eyes will seem a bit sunken. To minimize this situation you have to avoid the too dark colors that would further accentuate it and focus on the combination of pencil or eyeliner with warm eye shadows. This year gold is very fashionable, illuminating the look and being absolutely chic.

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