Eyewear trends for summer 2018

Eyewear trends for summer 2018

What glasses will you absolutely not have to escape this summer? Let's take a look at the trends

Summer means one thing: sunglasses! And not only for a purely aesthetic fact: the stronger solar rays require us to protect our eyes in order to defend them better during the summer season. That said, let's try to make it even fashion! What are the glasses trends for this summer? Let's see them together.

Eyewear trends for summer 2018: large and colorful

Extremely colorful, very large, in both transparent and non-plastic materials: they will be very popular! If you like the diva effect, these are absolutely the models for you. Beautiful ones by Pucci, Elie Saab, Moschino, Jimmy Choo: I really don't know what to choose. Even the lenses are colored in a cosmetic lens version. They are models that look good on most faces, the only downside they have is that they are a bit heavy: my suggestion is to go step by step. do the first one with a medium-sized plastic frame model and, when you feel comfortable, throw yourself over the oversize!

Source Pinterest

Eyewear trends for summer 2018: return to the future

Have you ever seen the movie "Matrix"? Here, the glasses of Neo, aka Keanu Reeves, are back to great. Prada and Vuitton have re-proposed them, just to name a couple, and they will be seen a little everywhere. Very small, very light, strictly black frames. If you are a lover of the genre, you absolutely cannot give up!

Prada – source Ansa

Eyewear trends for summer 2018: metal mania

If you love metal, there is also one for you. The classic pilot model of aviator is giving way to the cousin with more squared contours, while maintaining the lightweight, unisex frame and adapting a bit to all faces and all outfits.

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