Fabio Fazio, TV host: biography and curiosity

Fabio Fazio, TV host: biography and curiosity

Fabio Fazio is a well-known character in various Italian television programs. Her collaboration with Luciana Littizzetto makes the Italian public smile

Fabio Fazio was born on 30 November 1964 in Savona. He is an Italian TV presenter and imitator. His approach to the world of entertainment began in the eighties where he collaborated on some Rai broadcasts in the role of imitator. He later became the presenter of the musical broadcast L’Orecchiocchio, broadcast on Rai 3 and at the same time was the presenter of the sports broadcast Forza Italia. For a short time he worked at Telemontecarlo, but in the early nineties he became presenter of the program Quelli che il calcio, broadcast initially on Rai 3 and later on Rai 2. He was the conductor of this program until the year 2001 and thanks to this experience he started to get a great reputation. Furthermore, thanks to the success achieved by this program, Fabio Fazio was the conductor of the Sanremo Festival for two consecutive years (1999-2000). He also participated in the well-known transmission Anima mia in 1997 from which he gained considerable notoriety. Since 2003 he has been the host of the transmission Che tempo fa, a program that has met with great success, in which from 2005 onwards he started a collaboration with Luciana Littizzetto.

This partnership was immediately highly appreciated by all the Italian public. Fabio Fazio and Luciana Littizzetto also conducted the editions of the Sanremo Festival 2013 and 2014. In the same period, the conductor also dealt with other successful programs, including Vieni via con me and What I (not) have achieved. number of plays, but various criticisms were not lacking. Fabio Fazio graduated from the Liceo Classico and subsequently graduated in Literature with a thesis focused on the various literary aspects of the songs belonging to Italian songwriters. His debut in the role of imitator took place in 1982 in the Rai Black out broadcast. After taking part in an audition for Rai, he made his television debut thanks to Giancarlo Magalli and in 1983 he joined the transmission Pronto Raffaella with Raffaella Carrà. In addition, always at the beginning, he participated in some editions of the Jeans program.

In the late eighties and early nineties he was the host of the transmission Forza Italia and Mai dire mai. Other programs conducted by Fabio Fazio during the same period include Banane, Mi manda Lubrano and Fantastico Bis. The editions of the Sanremo Festival conducted by Fabio Fazio, in addition to having reached a high number of plays compared to the previous editions conducted by Paolo Bonolis, have obtained enormous fame thanks above all to the collaboration of Laetitia Casta in 1999. The Festival was in fact classified as one of the best editions in television history. In 2002, however, Fabio Fazio was joined by Teo Teocoli, a well-known television comedian, and by Ines Sastre. Also this edition reached the record audience thanks to an original cast and a well-planned lineup. In 2001, Fabio Fazio left Rai and started working on LA7, but the program for which he was hired was definitively removed for unclear reasons. In 2013 he was again conductor of the Sanremo Festival alongside Luciana Littizzetto. Also in this case, the broadcast has a huge success with 12 million viewers.

The couple achieves a crazy notoriety enough to obtain the TV Direction Award, as the best male and female character. In the same period, Fazio returns to lead Che tempo fa while in 2015 he is hired as the host of the transmission Rischiatutto. The conductor has been married to Gioia Selis since 1994. Their first son Michele was born from the couple in 2004 while in 2009 their second child was born, named Caterina. In recent years Fazio has made a strong friendship with the well-known journalist Enzo Biagi for whom he organized an episode dedicated to him in the program Che tempo fa after a few weeks after his death. The conductor met Luciana Littizzetto in the early nineties on the set of the BravoGrazie transmission. Subsequently, the two collaborated on the Quelli che il calcio program. From there their strong bond was born which led them to make a permanent couple in Che tempo fa and to lead the Sanremo Festival. It is the first couple to have played this important role on the Ariston stage. To stand out are their funny arguments for which the new "Sandra and Raimondo" are now nicknamed. However, the two claim to be a perfect couple. During his career, the conductor has been targeted by various critics, since he is accused of often highlighting political issues within his programs.

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