Fabio Rovazzi, on Instagram the last farewell to his grandfather

Fabio Rovazzi, on Instagram the last farewell to his grandfather

"You have been an example of life": the touching farewell of Fabio Rovazzi to his grandfather, carried away by the coronavirus

Fabio Rovazzi, farewell to his grandfather on Instagram

Fabio Rovazzi wanted to remember his grandfather who died of the coronavirus with a long and touching message on his Instagram profile.

"I hoped for the impossible, I believed until the last moment that I was the only one who could escape that damned dark figure with a scythe in his hand. I was wrong. Death slowly takes everyone, I don't understand why he should always take all those I care about beforehand. " Rovazzi, 26, lost his father in 2010.

He continues in his message: "I did everything possible, the impossible and the unthinkable … but in the end this damned virus came knocking on your door. And trust me when I tell you that you didn't deserve it. "

Then he remembers the most beautiful moments spent together, thanking his grandfather for all that he taught him: “With you I have spent most of my childhood and I believe that all that I am today for the vast majority I owe to you. You are the man who taught me everything. You taught me that luck doesn't exist. You taught me that tenacity and willpower are at the basis of everything. "

His grandfather, Rovazzi points out, was his example of life and he will not be able to get used to the idea that he is no longer there: "You started as a tire dealer and flew to Argentina becoming manager of one of the largest multinational companies in the world. You have always been my example of life and you will always be despite the absence of the latter.
Inside of me I knew that sooner or later this day would come but … sorry I will never get used to these things. Every time it happens, one part of me collapses and another becomes stronger because it knows that it will have to go on more and more alone. "

He also inherited his passion for videos as a grandfather: "You've been through so many in recent years, I've seen you gradually disappear in the fog and in the last period I have come to find only your memory …
Handing down the memories was fundamental for you: I think you are the only grandfather in the world who inherited me terabytes of historical family videos, with attached letters and explanations of each situation. You have always filmed everything, who knows who I got my passion for videos from :] ”.

And then it ends with a special thank you "for the best grandfather you could wish for": "You have always been proud of me, but you never realized that what I became is only thanks to you. Thank you very much, You have been the best grandfather you could wish for. Fabio. "

The dedication on Instagram accompanies a series of photos that portray Fabio with his grandfather, in different moments of their life.

Many gathered around Rovazzi, making their affection felt, from Gianni Morandi to Emma, ​​from Simona Ventura who writes: "Fabio is close to you", to Flavio Briatore and Junior Cally.

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